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School Cuts : please review – and sign !


The Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, keeps saying he’s given schools more money, but let me tell you, I’m a headteacher and at St Joseph’s that certainly isn’t our experience.

If you look at my budget, I’m being asked to do more and more each year and I have fewer resources than ever.

This is why, here in Gateshead, we gathered headteachers together and decided to do something about it. We started a national petition that will be debated in Parliament on 4th March.

Share our film today and tell the Government you want proper funding for our schools.

Between now and 4th March, I want us to hit 100,000 signatures on our petition so that MPs know we mean business. Let’s show them that parents, heads, teachers and support staff are united across the country. I believe we can do that and more.

Over the last few years, the Government has put more and more pressure on schools.

We’ve had more children than ever before. And with cuts to social care and local services, schools are under even more pressure to provide support for children and families who need it.

I believe schools should be funded adequately and fairly. It’s not a lot to ask.

Parliament will debate this petition on 4th March and it’s crucial MPs know how important it is.

Sign the petition to make sure they really know what’s happening in our schools.

I believe our children deserve the best possible education to enable them to be healthy, successful and happy in the future. Our schools need sufficient resource to provide that provision now. I stand by that and I’d be surprised if any of you disagree.

As headteachers, we asked our community to help us tell the Government these cuts can’t go on. We’ve had so much support in Gateshead.

Now we’re asking you to help too.

Thank you for standing with schools,
Andy Ramanandi

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

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