NEU STOP PRESS UPDATE : 25th January 2019

January 25, 2019 | 19-003E



Indicative ballot
As you will know, the indicative ballot closed last week and results were reported to members on Monday. The final turnout was 31.4%, with 82% of members in schools and 84% of members in sixth forms saying they were willing to take strike action over funding cuts.

There was unanimous support for the campaigning work we have done on school and college funding cuts with members wanting this to continue. And, sadly but inevitably, the vast majority of respondents said cuts are harming their school or college, making it harder for leaders and teachers to do a good job for students and pupils.

While the turnout did not meet the 50% threshold for formal ballots imposed by this Government’s punitive trade union laws, the fact that more than 80,000 members gave us their views represents a huge and unprecedented achievement. This is a testament to all the hard work you have done to build the ballot in your local area. The responses members have given will provide us all with extremely useful information on which to build the next stages of the campaign.

The National Executive will consider the results in detail before making decisions on taking forward our funding and pay campaigns. In the immediate future we want you to continue working to keep funding high on the political agenda and to put pressure on the Government in the run-up to this year’s local elections and the Comprehensive Spending Review. You can do this by:

  • Encouraging members in your area to sign the Gateshead heads’ petition and get it to the 100,000 signatures needed to force a Parliamentary debate.
  • Build links with parent groups campaigning on funding in your local area.
  • Start to plan how you can engage your members and reps in actions during the run-up to the 2 May local elections to make funding a key political issue.
  • Keep visiting the website for the latest on the pay campaign.

School Governors Week of Action on Funding
From 25 February to 2 March the National Governance Association (NGA) are running a week of action – Funding The Future – calling on school governors to lobby their local MP by inviting them to their school, by visiting their constituency office or by taking part in a national lobby on 28 February. As part of this, the NGA has detailed 9 asks to the Government for this year’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

There is a growing chorus of voices joining us in protesting about funding cuts and seeking to apply political pressure and it’s important we work together. So please make sure teacher governors in your area know about this week of action and urge them to take part, along with fellow governors and head teachers.


Annual Conference, 15-18 April, Liverpool
More has been added to the annual conference webpage including a draft outline programme

Secretaries are reminded of the following Conference deadlines

Priority Voting
(Form C.05)
The closing date for priority voting on motions to be included in the Conference Agenda is 14 February 2019
Delegate Registration
(Form C.01)
The deadline for notification of delegates to Conference is 15 February 2019
Conference Committee
(Form C.03)
The deadline for nominations for the Conference Committee is 18 March 2019
Amendments The deadline for submission of amendments is 18 March 2019 (no longer than 200 words, the word limit will be strictly applied by the Conference Committee)
Observers to Conference
(Form C.08)
The deadline for Observer applications is 18 March 2019

If you have any queries regarding the above timetable, please contact or 020 7380 4746.

District Unity Bank Accounts
For all district bank accounts that have been opened with Unity Trust, an email confirmation has been sent to each signatory using their NEU email address. This confirmation includes the “Memorable word” required for online banking registration with Unity Trust.

It is a requirement to use your NEU email address to adhere to data protection regulations and ensure the appropriate safeguards are in place for the Union’s assets. The security for the Office 365 email system is maintained by the Union’s IT department.


Please find below details of forthcoming action*. You are encouraged to send messages of solidarity to the email address below:

Action Date Contact
Galliard Primary School / Enfield
(Transfer of Employer)
31 January 2019 Susan O’ Shea

* Details of strike dates are correct at the time of writing so will not include any details of suspended action received after that time.


Holocaust Memorial Day – 27th January 2019
Please remind your members about Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January and let them know that the excellent NEU Mosaic resources for schools are available to download. The messages for this #HMD2019  are Torn from Home and  the Holocaust Educational Trust’s #Be louder  campaign. #BeLouder emphasises the importance of Holocaust education against the disturbing rise in contemporary antisemitism and confronting hatred wherever we find it.


Nobel Laureate and founder of the 100 million campaign visits NEU HQ
Earlier this week, Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi visited London and took part in a meeting and school visit with the NEU. A very successful meeting was held with Kevin Courtney, covering Satyarthi’s past work on child, human and labour rights and his current work with the 100 million campaign. The 100 million campaign seeks to empower 100 million young activists to fight for every child around the world to be free, safe and educated. Find out more about the 100 million campaign in the film The Price of Free.

Philippines: Teacher unionists under threat
Education International has urged the global education community to take action to express outrage at the death threats received by the General Secretary of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) in the Philippines. Find out more about the case and the unlawful profiling of ACT members on EI’s website, and take action here.


District and Branch Secretaries’ Conference, Friday 1 March
A reminder to all those who haven’t yet booked but would like to attend this event. We’ll be at the etc venues, in County Hall, near to Waterloo and Westminster stations, and almost opposite the Houses of Parliament on the south side of the Thames. Start time will be 11:00 and we’ll finish by 16:00.

Please click here for a list of all who’ve registered so far. If you aren’t on the list and would like to attend, please fill in your details here and book your travel as soon as you can, to take advantage of advance fares. We’re hoping most coming will be able to get to London without the need of overnight accommodation on 28 Feb. If however, you would need to leave home before 06:30 to reach the venue in time, there is space to indicate this on the booking form and the central events team will take care of hotel accommodation for you near to the venue.

National Health and Safety Reps training 12-14 March (Part 1) and 11-13 June (Part 2), Warwick University
This course is for elected NEU health and safety representatives at workplace level. It’s split into two parts allowing participants to reflect on their learning and put into practice some of the strategies developed during the course. The course will brief you thoroughly on your role and rights as a health and safety representative and give you a clear understanding of the basic framework of health and safety law. It will also empower you to approach health and safety issues collectively. Book your place here.

Treasurers Training, 20-22 and 22-24 May, Warwick University
The next Treasurers Training Courses are an excellent opportunity for NEU District Treasurers to learn how to perform this key function for their District and about the changes that have taken place regarding financial procedures since the full integration of the organisation.

Book your place on 20th-22nd May or 22nd –24th May


The result of our indicative ballot announced on Monday was reported on in TES, Schools Week and Education Executive.

A damning Public Accounts Committee report was released on Wednesday, shattering the Government’s illusion that academies and free schools enjoy proper oversight. We commented in the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, TES and again here, Huffington Post, ITV News, Education Executive and Public Finance.  Other reports in TES and the BBC focused on the failures around asbestos. Our original press release is available here.

Ludicrously, Damian Hinds chose the same day to call for more schools to academise. We responded in this PR.

Our reaction to the release of secondary school performance tables on Thursday was widely picked up in the regional press. An example here and the original press release is here.

This week we also commented on huge salaries for academy heads (Schools Week) and new curriculum proposals in Wales (SecEd).

Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union
Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union

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Results of Indicative Ballot from NEU


The ballot, which through our joint action with ASCL and NAHT was part of the biggest ever simultaneous survey of the teaching profession, closed on Friday.

The results show unanimous support for the campaigning work that the National Education Union has pioneered on school and college funding cuts: 100% of members want this to continue.

It is clear from members’ responses that the Government-waged cuts are crippling schools and colleges, making it harder for leaders and teachers to do a good job for our students and pupils.

It is also apparent that lack of money is pushing up class sizes, workload and stress, driving good teachers from the profession.

The situation is so serious that the vast majority of members told us they were prepared to take strike action over funding cuts.

The full results of the indicative ballot will be reported to the National Executive which will make decisions on how to take the campaign forward.

There is a growing chorus of voices protesting about the impact of funding cuts and pinning the blame, rightly, on this Government. From the families of SEND children bringing legal action against Damian Hinds, the parent groups organising a series of demos around the country in May, to the Gateshead head teachers launching a petition to try to force MPs to debate funding cuts, the issue is high on the public agenda.

Let’s keep it there.

This year will see the Government set out funding plans for the next three years in the Comprehensive Spending Review. So it’s vital we continue to apply pressure to ensure our schools and colleges are funded properly. And in the coming months local elections will take place across England, handing us an opportunity to exert further political leverage.

So as immediate next steps, we’re asking you to please:

  • Encourage members in your area to sign the Gateshead heads’ petition and get it to the 100,000 signatures needed to force a Parliamentary debate.
  • Build links with parent groups campaigning on funding in your local area.
  • Start to plan how you can engage your members and reps in actions during the run-up to the 2 May local elections to make funding a key political issue.
  • Keep visiting for the latest on the campaign.

Thank you again. Together, we will shape the future of education.

Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union
Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union
Question Yes %
1 Do you believe the Government funding cuts are having a negative impact in your school? 99
2 Do you believe the Government should fully fund and implement its own review body’s pay recommendations? 97
3 Do you believe the NEU should continue to campaign on school funding, including through the School Cuts website and developing alliances with parents? 100
4 Would you be prepared to take part in strike action to secure better funding for schools and the full implementation of the teachers’ pay award? 82
Sixth form colleges
Question Yes %
1 Do you believe the Government funding cuts are having a negative impact in your college? 99
2 Do you believe the Government should extend grant funding for teachers’ pay award to all schools and sixth form colleges to fully fund its own pay review body’s pay recommendations and support a pay agreement for sixth form colleges? 100
3 Do you believe the NEU should continue to campaign on education funding, including developing alliances with parents and other stakeholders? 100
4 Would you be prepared to take part in strike action to secure better funding for colleges and fair pay for teachers? 84

Editor’s Notes

We consulted 257,849 members in England state schools, and 4,550 members in sixth forms. The turnout was 31.4% in total.

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Brexit News update advice from the NEU


As the prospect of the UK exiting the EU with no agreed deal in place becomes more likely, I am writing to reassure our EU citizen members and our UK citizen members working in the EU of our commitment to ensuring that you are not disadvantaged at work under any circumstance.

Last week’s historic parliamentary defeat of Theresa May’s Withdrawal bill only strengthens growing concerns around possible consequences for the education sector, with data suggesting this Government has relied on foreign nationals to fill gaps left by chronic staff shortages.

In a joint open letter to the British council last year, we urged Brexit negotiators not to underestimate the impact of leaving the European Union on schools and pupils. Concerns we raised in this letter- namely around safeguarding employment rights, exchange programmes and recruitment from the EU- are yet to be answered sufficiently.

As the March Brexit deadline approaches the urgency of our lobbying efforts increase. The NEU are putting together a guidance document and accompanying video to encapsulate our response to this national crisis.

If you are an EU citizen member without settled status or UK citizen member working in the EU and would like to share your experiences, please fill in the survey below.

click here to start the surveyWith much currently uncertain, rest assured that we remain unwavering in our resolve to protect our members from the damage being done by this Government.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union
Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union


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Safer Internet Day : 5th February 2019 : NEU supportive comments below.

Dear colleagues


The NEU is a supporter of Safer Internet Day 2019, taking place on 5 February.   In advance of the day, some videos have been produced – see link below – including one about how children feel when their parents post about them online without asking their permission.  Teachers, particularly primary teachers, may find these useful so please share as you wish.




Get involved in Safer Internet Day 2019


There are just three weeks to go until Safer Internet Day!

We are excited to say that we have launched a brand new social media pack for stakeholders! This includes social media posts you can schedule in the lead up to Safer Internet Day as well as on the day itself.  

We also have some exciting new videos to share with you! In these videos, young people answer some key questions on consent online, and talk about how they feel when their parents post about them online without asking permission first.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up as a Safer Internet Day Supporter! We have already seen over 600 organisations on the supporters list. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up as a supporter now! 

Best wishes,

Will Gardner OBE

Director, UK Safer Internet Centre
CEO, Childnet



NEW: social media pack for stakeholders

To help you get involved in Safer Internet Day we have created a brand new social media pack. This pack includes some key things to help you get involved on social media, including:

·         social media post to share now

·         a tweet to schedule for 8am on Safer Internet Day

·         posts for the 5th February

·         images to share on social media

·         ways to engage in the wider social media campaign, including the offline template

This year we need your help to start the conversation on Twitter! Please help us to
start Safer Internet Day by scheduling the below tweet to go out from your account at 8am on the 5th February.

Today is Safer Internet Day! Join us and @UK_SIC this
#SaferInternetDay2019 to create a better internet – RT to show your

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Download the pack


NEW: Video content you can share now

We have some new video content that looks at the theme of Safer Internet Day 2019, as well and giving an interesting insight into young people’s experiences of ‘sharenting’.

In the first video, the Childnet Digital Leaders answer some key questions on consent online. Starting with what they like doing online, to how easy it is to say no, they then finish with some top tips for other children their age (7-11 years old)! Watch it here.

In the second video, young people told us how they feel when their parents post about them online without asking permission first. Watch it here.

Also, if you havent taken a look already, our Education Packs and SID TV films are a fantastic way to inspire and engage young people to use the internet safely and positively.

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Watch the films



Register as a Safer Internet Day supporter

From schools to police forces, over 650 organisations across the UK have pledged their support for Safer Internet Day 2019!

All UK organisations working with young people who register as a supporter by the 3rd Feb will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher. All organisations already registered on the list will also be entered into the draw.

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Register as a Safer Internet Day Supporter



Follow the conversation:

You can get involved in #SaferInternetDay2019 by:

·         Visiting

·         Following @UK_SIC on Twitter

·         Joining the national conversation using #SaferInternetDay2019

·         Liking @saferinternetuk on Facebook

·         Following @UK_SIC on Instagram

·         Helping to spread the word with our campaign toolkit

·         Downloading the education packs

·         Watching the SID TV films

Things you can share now:

Why not show your support for Safer Intenet Day on social media by sharing these posts:

On Twitter:

·         We are supporting Safer Internet Day on the 5th February! Join us and @UK_SIC to help create a better internet this #SaferInternetDay2019

·         Not long to go until Safer Internet Day 2019! This year we will be spreading positivity online! #SaferInternetDay2019 #OurInternetOurChoice @UK_SIC

On Facebook:

·         We will come together for a better internet this Safer Internet Day. @saferinternetuk have films and activities looking at consent online to help you get involved! #SaferInternetDay2019


About this mailing list

As we build up to Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February 2019, we’ll be providing you with regular updates to ensure you have everything you need to get involved.

If you are not the right person to be on this mailing list, please do let us know, or select the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email. If you know other colleagues or organisations who would like to join this list, please email


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Our mailing address is:
Childnet International
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London, SE4 2PD
United Kingdom

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Inaugural Meeting of Surrey NEU: 26th January 2019 : URGENT INFORMATION

Dear Colleague



The inaugural meeting of the Surrey District of the National Education Union will take place on the 26th January at the Holiday Inn Guildford at 10.00 ( followed by lunch).


The papers for this meeting are attached (see below *).

One item on the agenda is the prioritisation of motions for Annual Conference at Easter. Every year, local organisations send in motions that they hope will be discussed at Conference; shortage of time means that only a few of these will actually appear on the final agenda. On 26 January we will have a chance to say which 6 motions we would like to see discussed.  There will be hard copy of the motions submitted available at the meeting but I thought that you would like a preview of them all so that you can select the ones you would want to appear ( that is the Motions Booklet attached).


There are a number of posts which are unfilled as yet and these are detailed on the agenda. Please give some thought to nomination for these. Without officers, there is no union.


The car parking at the Holiday Inn is not free for casual visitors so you will need to report to reception on arrival and say which meeting you are attending. There will be lunch available but numbers are restricted. Please let Philip Clark know if you are attending


At this inaugural meeting it is important that we are quorate so please make every effort to attend.


Best wishes to you all

Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary

Surrey District NEU

01293 452071  07889 103 902

*Inaugural Meeting 26.1.19

*Surrey NEU rules 2 Oct 2018 DRAFT

*Motions Booklet 2019

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National NEU Latest News: Ballot update: 9th January 2019


Dear All,

Happy NEU year!

We are in the last two weeks of the indicative ballot, which closes midnight on Friday 18 January.

It is vital over the next week that we take this final opportunity to ensure the highest turnout possible.

Below is an update of the communications members will receive if they haven’t voted.

Ballot communications going this week:

Monday: All members that haven’t voted received an email about Damian Hinds’ broken promise for all schools to receive a cash increase and allows them to vote directly. This will exclude our postal vote areas; Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes, (this email came from Kevin and Mary).

Wednesday: All members that haven’t voted will receive a text that allows them to vote directly, this excludes postal vote areas; Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes.

A reminder to complete postal ballots will also be sent by text to Coventry, Rotherham and Milton Keynes.

Tuesday 15 January: All members that haven’t voted will receive a text that allows them to vote directly excluding postal vote areas, Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes.

All members that haven’t voted in Coventry, Rotherham and Milton Keynes will get an email reminding them to vote.

Thursday 17 January: All members who haven’t voted will receive an email allowing them to vote via email. This excludes postal vote areas; Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes.

Friday 18 January: All members who haven’t voted will receive a text allowing them to vote. This excludes postal vote areas, Coventry, Rotherham and Milton Keynes.

The ballot will close at midnight on Friday 18 January

All emails will come from the National Education Union and the text message will come from NEU. Please encourage members to check their junk or spam mailboxes.

This ballot update includes information on:

  • Enquiries and requesting new ballot papers
  • RELAY: What it is and how to order a campaign
  • How to access your membership list and to see your LA turnout by school
  • Workplace resources
  • Hands Up campaign websites

Enquiries and requesting new ballot papers
All enquiries need to be directed to this webform. This includes requests for new ballots and also ballot IDs for people to vote online.

Members only need to complete this form if they cannot find a text or email to vote.

RELAY: What it is and how to order a campaign
Relay is a peer-to-peer text messaging tool, via an online portal, that enables interactive contact with wider groups of members. Unlike bulk text messaging, Relay allows members to reply, enabling you to have organising conversations with them. The best part is you can have multiple message senders and not have to do it all yourself, so if you had 3000 members to text and you found a group of 10 people to help you, then each activist would be assigned 300 people each to text message.

Assess your aims
Think about what you are trying to achieve and don’t miss an opportunity to have an organising conversation using this tool. Yes, we want to know if people have voted and give them a nudge if they haven’t, but we also want to build our strength in schools and colleges – that means asking people to step up. From putting a poster up to becoming a Rep, utilise this opportunity to build your district. Read our extremely helpful Get Ready To Relay planner here for more tips and creating stronger outcomes.

We recommend that you offer people your next district meeting in the form of a sign up link and an invite to your activist whatsapp/facebook group. You can put both these links in the relay request form.

  1. Identify your target
    Who do you need to engage to meet your aim? You could message all activists, a specific set of workplaces or workplaces with no rep?
  2. Recruit your Relay Squad
    You need people to help you text, we’re calling that a ‘Relay squad’ – this could be Local Officers, Reps and anyone willing but you need to recruit them and keep track of who they are so that you can fill in the order form properly
    Once you’ve recruited them, your squad members need to sign up for Relay themselves by going to this link: , they must be registered on Relay before you move to step 4.
  3. Fill out a Relay Request Form
    Fill out the online regional form to request a Relay Campaign:

    London Region Relay Request
    South East Region Relay Request
    South West Region Relay Request
    Eastern Region Relay Request
    Midlands Region Relay Request
    Yorkshire Midland Region Relay Request
    Northern Region Relay Request
    North West Region Relay Request

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