Inaugural Meeting of Surrey NEU: 26th January 2019 : URGENT INFORMATION

Dear Colleague



The inaugural meeting of the Surrey District of the National Education Union will take place on the 26th January at the Holiday Inn Guildford at 10.00 ( followed by lunch).


The papers for this meeting are attached (see below *).

One item on the agenda is the prioritisation of motions for Annual Conference at Easter. Every year, local organisations send in motions that they hope will be discussed at Conference; shortage of time means that only a few of these will actually appear on the final agenda. On 26 January we will have a chance to say which 6 motions we would like to see discussed.  There will be hard copy of the motions submitted available at the meeting but I thought that you would like a preview of them all so that you can select the ones you would want to appear ( that is the Motions Booklet attached).


There are a number of posts which are unfilled as yet and these are detailed on the agenda. Please give some thought to nomination for these. Without officers, there is no union.


The car parking at the Holiday Inn is not free for casual visitors so you will need to report to reception on arrival and say which meeting you are attending. There will be lunch available but numbers are restricted. Please let Philip Clark know if you are attending


At this inaugural meeting it is important that we are quorate so please make every effort to attend.


Best wishes to you all

Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary

Surrey District NEU

01293 452071  07889 103 902

*Inaugural Meeting 26.1.19

*Surrey NEU rules 2 Oct 2018 DRAFT

*Motions Booklet 2019

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National NEU Latest News: Ballot update: 9th January 2019


Dear All,

Happy NEU year!

We are in the last two weeks of the indicative ballot, which closes midnight on Friday 18 January.

It is vital over the next week that we take this final opportunity to ensure the highest turnout possible.

Below is an update of the communications members will receive if they haven’t voted.

Ballot communications going this week:

Monday: All members that haven’t voted received an email about Damian Hinds’ broken promise for all schools to receive a cash increase and allows them to vote directly. This will exclude our postal vote areas; Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes, (this email came from Kevin and Mary).

Wednesday: All members that haven’t voted will receive a text that allows them to vote directly, this excludes postal vote areas; Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes.

A reminder to complete postal ballots will also be sent by text to Coventry, Rotherham and Milton Keynes.

Tuesday 15 January: All members that haven’t voted will receive a text that allows them to vote directly excluding postal vote areas, Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes.

All members that haven’t voted in Coventry, Rotherham and Milton Keynes will get an email reminding them to vote.

Thursday 17 January: All members who haven’t voted will receive an email allowing them to vote via email. This excludes postal vote areas; Coventry, Rotherham, Milton Keynes.

Friday 18 January: All members who haven’t voted will receive a text allowing them to vote. This excludes postal vote areas, Coventry, Rotherham and Milton Keynes.

The ballot will close at midnight on Friday 18 January

All emails will come from the National Education Union and the text message will come from NEU. Please encourage members to check their junk or spam mailboxes.

This ballot update includes information on:

  • Enquiries and requesting new ballot papers
  • RELAY: What it is and how to order a campaign
  • How to access your membership list and to see your LA turnout by school
  • Workplace resources
  • Hands Up campaign websites

Enquiries and requesting new ballot papers
All enquiries need to be directed to this webform. This includes requests for new ballots and also ballot IDs for people to vote online.

Members only need to complete this form if they cannot find a text or email to vote.

RELAY: What it is and how to order a campaign
Relay is a peer-to-peer text messaging tool, via an online portal, that enables interactive contact with wider groups of members. Unlike bulk text messaging, Relay allows members to reply, enabling you to have organising conversations with them. The best part is you can have multiple message senders and not have to do it all yourself, so if you had 3000 members to text and you found a group of 10 people to help you, then each activist would be assigned 300 people each to text message.

Assess your aims
Think about what you are trying to achieve and don’t miss an opportunity to have an organising conversation using this tool. Yes, we want to know if people have voted and give them a nudge if they haven’t, but we also want to build our strength in schools and colleges – that means asking people to step up. From putting a poster up to becoming a Rep, utilise this opportunity to build your district. Read our extremely helpful Get Ready To Relay planner here for more tips and creating stronger outcomes.

We recommend that you offer people your next district meeting in the form of a sign up link and an invite to your activist whatsapp/facebook group. You can put both these links in the relay request form.

  1. Identify your target
    Who do you need to engage to meet your aim? You could message all activists, a specific set of workplaces or workplaces with no rep?
  2. Recruit your Relay Squad
    You need people to help you text, we’re calling that a ‘Relay squad’ – this could be Local Officers, Reps and anyone willing but you need to recruit them and keep track of who they are so that you can fill in the order form properly
    Once you’ve recruited them, your squad members need to sign up for Relay themselves by going to this link: , they must be registered on Relay before you move to step 4.
  3. Fill out a Relay Request Form
    Fill out the online regional form to request a Relay Campaign:

    London Region Relay Request
    South East Region Relay Request
    South West Region Relay Request
    Eastern Region Relay Request
    Midlands Region Relay Request
    Yorkshire Midland Region Relay Request
    Northern Region Relay Request
    North West Region Relay Request

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