Conferences and Courses

Conferences and Courses


There are many courses and conferences arranged, uniquely, by the NEU, which you might find interesting and indeed, in the days of diminishing CPD opportunities, crucial to your professional well-being and development.

Surrey NEU is happy to support active members who wish to attend, but we would appreciate prior notice of your intentions.

Please approach the District, in the first instance, before applying for courses, so we can approve, and cost your application. Please don’t be deterred from applying but there is a considerable district financial commitment  involved, and the District needs to stay within budget.

Could members please, initially, contact the Secretary, Tami Honeybourne (details on the website), so we can manage all applications ?

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School Cuts : please share as widely as possible !



If you’re receiving this email, then you already know our schools are facing a funding crisis. It’s the biggest funding shortfall in a generation.

But there are millions of families who still don’t know what’s really happening to schools.

Until the Government changes tune, we’ve got to keep putting our message out there to reach every parent in the country.

I’ve made a video to do just that. Will you share it now and tag five parents you know?

I’d rather get on with the business of running my school. But funding cuts are making this impossible at St Joseph’s.

Our governors are having to make difficult decisions that are damaging the quality of education we can provide.

But I am hopeful.

This campaign has already won back £2.2bn for schools thanks to heads, parents and school staff speaking out. Thanks to people like you sharing videos like this.

17,723 schools are still counting on us to keep up the pressure until Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, fully reverses the damaging cuts.

I know we won’t let them down.

Thank you for reading this message,

Andy Ramanandi


St. Joseph’s Primary School

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Next Surrey NEU meeting: 25th June 2019: Strodes College: 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Dear Surrey NEU member

Meet other Surrey Branch NEU Members.

Can you come along to Strode’s College on Tuesday 25th June from 6-8pm?

Meet other teachers, lecturers and support staff working in Surrey. Share problems and ideas over light refreshments and Branch Meeting. Nominations for Branch President: Dan Warrington, Branch Secretary: Tamsin Honeybourne and Assistant Secretary: Leslie Jackson. Would you like to get more involved? Accepting nominations to NEU South East Regional Council NOW – drop me an email. Plenty of other opportunities available, give me a ring and pop along for a chat. Travel expenses pa id.

Can you join me? Click here for details and to RSVP:

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