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As the prospect of the UK exiting the EU with no agreed deal in place becomes more likely, I am writing to reassure our EU citizen members and our UK citizen members working in the EU of our commitment to ensuring that you are not disadvantaged at work under any circumstance.

Last week’s historic parliamentary defeat of Theresa May’s Withdrawal bill only strengthens growing concerns around possible consequences for the education sector, with data suggesting this Government has relied on foreign nationals to fill gaps left by chronic staff shortages.

In a joint open letter to the British council last year, we urged Brexit negotiators not to underestimate the impact of leaving the European Union on schools and pupils. Concerns we raised in this letter- namely around safeguarding employment rights, exchange programmes and recruitment from the EU- are yet to be answered sufficiently.

As the March Brexit deadline approaches the urgency of our lobbying efforts increase. The NEU are putting together a guidance document and accompanying video to encapsulate our response to this national crisis.

If you are an EU citizen member without settled status or UK citizen member working in the EU and would like to share your experiences, please fill in the survey below.

click here to start the surveyWith much currently uncertain, rest assured that we remain unwavering in our resolve to protect our members from the damage being done by this Government.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union
Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union


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