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NEU General Meeting : 12th March 2019 : George Abbot School, Guildford: GU1 1XX

Dear Colleagues
Please find attached the Agenda for the  meeting of  12 March.
I know how busy you all are, but please make an effort to attend this meeting. To lessen the strain on you we will try to do as much business as possible at each meeting and have fewer of them   — probably another 2 before the end of the year. If you are a Conference delegate it is particularly important to come.
As I have mentioned before, to do any business we have to have a quorate meeting which in our case means at least 30 members present. Since we have nearly 10 000 members in Surrey this doesn’`t seem a big ask, but in practice  Union Districts all over the country struggle to achieve a quorum which means that we can be the biggest Union but that we cannot do anything significant.
All travel costs are repayable ( at 45p a mile) as is necessary childcare. Furthermore  you will be fed!  If you are attending please  drop an email to our events organiser Phil Clark to make sure that there will be enough food for all
If you have already informed me that you will be coming there`s no need to do it again and if you can`t attend, please let me know
Ted Truscoe Assistant Secretary
01293 452071
NEU sign Off
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