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Just a reminder: For all national issues, campaigns and activities, log in to the excellent NEU website: “”. We shall, of course, highlight and reflect important and urgent news here, on Surrey website, whilst concentrating on more local items.


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Surrey NEU meetings 2018

The meetings for the rest of the academic year are as follows:-

  • 20th March 2018 at The George Abbot School, Guildford
  • 22nd May 2018 at County Hall, Kingston
  • 3rd July 2018 at County Hall, Kingston
  • ALL MEETINGS WILL BE FROM 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. and will be  NEU joint meetings (NUT and ATL colleagues)
  • PLEASE NOTE: The County Hall meetings, on 22nd May and 3rd July could yet change, if a suitable venue (preferably mid-Surrey) is suggested.
  • Further details and papers will be issued later. Please check here, on the NEWS PAGES for updates.
  • Ted Truscoe, Assistant Secretary Surrey NEU: 01293 452071/07889103902 ;
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Website maintenance : please note !

Following a review of the website at the Surrey NEU AGM yesterday, I shall be reviewing data, information and personnel details, making changes and improvements, where necessary, during the next few days. For instance, as well as publishing details on these news pages, I am going to set up a separate meetings section. I will also be archiving obsolete and historical reports and advice. More details later.

In the meantime, all current and essential sources of information and contact will remain unchanged and operational. 

However, I would ask all members to revisit the site pages over the coming week, to explore the updated pages.

Of course, I would welcome any suggestions, preferences and information sources.

Fred Greaves


Please contact me direct on: “”


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Strode’s College, Egham hosts Pride Week as part of LGBT History Month

The students of the Strode’s College LGBTQ Society and Surrey NUT members Marc Dodi and Ben O’Connell organised a week of events surrounding LGBTQ history and ideas.


From 5th to 9th February a range of events took place across the college including a debate on gender hosted by the student debating society, art workshops, film screenings and a bake sale with external speakers arranged with the support of the Surrey Division of the NUT.

The key motivations behind the week were to encourage students to critically engage with ideas surrounding gender and sexuality, to explore LGBTQ history and to consider ways in which students and staff could demonstrate support for the LGBT community both in the college and in a wider context.

Speakers who ran sessions during the week included Simon Sladen, Theatre and Performance Curator at the V and A Museum whose session explored queer objects throughout history, and Marcus Morgan, a magician and activist, who provided an interactive seminar on bisexuality and a magic performance on coming out.


When asked on the importance of Pride Week at the college, one student explained: ‘Pride is important for those trying to find themselves; who can then be validated, accepted and celebrated for who they are, whether that be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.’

Another student stated, ‘I hope that Pride Week inspires people to be active as allies to the LGBT community… Also to inspire more schools and colleges to have their own pride events as pride deserves to be in education.’

It is hoped that Pride Week at Strode’s will provoke engagement with LGBTQ representation and inclusion in the college itself but also provide a general blueprint for Pride events at schools and colleges across the country.

(You can download a copy of this event, including illustrations  by clicking here: –Strode’s pride report pdf version )


For further information, please contact: 

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Bad news- Iranian Trade Union Leader Back in Prison ! Please see below and send messages of support.

Esmail Abdi going back to jail.Iranian teacher union leader Esmail Abdi was taken back to the notorious Evin prison on Saturday 20 January.

He had been released on 9 January, but this was only a temporary reprieve from his six-year sentence, which started in 2016.

The authorities refused to extend his furlough, despite his poor health which resulted from harsh detention conditions.

Esmail Abdi has been targeted for his union activism and campaigns for teachers’ rights and for free public education.

He has committed no crime.

Please take a moment to send your message of protest to Iran:

Click here to send your message

And please share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.

Thank you!

Eric Lee

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Asbestos in Schools .Please see details below, from 38 degrees. If you have not already done so, please sign the petition.

In schools across the country, children and teachers are at risk of exposure to a deadly substance, asbestos. The problem is so bad that the government has issued safety warnings after a study found asbestos in 83% of schools, with 19% failing to safely manage the risk but little action has been taken. [1]

Lucie, has set up a petition calling on the government to remove all asbestos from schools. [2] She set up the campaign after her mum Sue, a former teacher, was told that she had cancer due to asbestos exposure.

Sue should have celebrated her 70th birthday this week, but, sadly in June 2016 she lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

School budgets are being set by the government right now, so Lucie needs to raise awareness of the issue right away. Fred, that’s where we come in. A huge petition calling for asbestos removal will mean that the Department of Education will have to consider this when they set their budgets and make sure that the work starts in schools as early as this summer.

If you think all schools should be free of asbestos, then please sign the petition here. It’ll take less than a minute:

Sue taught over 800 children over a 30 year teaching career but the schools she taught in contained asbestos. Before her Mum died, Lucie made her a promise; that she would do her best to make sure no-one else has to suffer like she did.

My Mum was horrified by her diagnosis. She was angry that she wasn’t told about the asbestos in the schools she taught in so she wasn’t able to protect herself. But what worried her most of all was the impact of asbestos on all the children that she taught”.

The government thinks that asbestos in our schools is a problem that’s “too big too handle”. [3] But that’s no excuse. If enough of us get behind Lucie’s campaign, we can make sure that they have to address this threat to school children and teachers.

It can seem a daunting task trying to get a government department to listen. But, when we act together, we can make change happen. Just last week 38 Degrees members in Scotland convinced the Scottish government to change their policies and make tax fairer. When we come together we can make governments rethink their budgets and provide finances for issues that we care about. [4]

 We need to act before any other students and teachers suffer from this entirely preventable tragedy. Will you sign the petition now?

Thanks for being involved,

David, Rebecca, Robin and the 38 Degrees team

[1] TES: Teachers at risk of asbestos exposure in one in five schools:
[2] 38 Degrees: Protect our children and teachers from asbestos exposure at school:
[3] All-Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Health and Safety: Asbestos in schools: The need for action:—all-party-parliamentary-report-Feb-2012/pdf/asbestos_in_schools_booklet_lo_res.pdf
[4] 38 Degrees: Breaking News: Scottish Tax:



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Professional Development Course for members: “Mantle of the Expert”- April 2018-July 2019: details below


Mantle of the Expert: April 2018-July 2019

This four-term programme of professional development focuses on the wide range of skills and understanding required to become an advanced user of the Mantle of the Expert approach.

This involves developing your teaching skills and your repertoire of drama techniques, such as the use of different voices, which can be used to enable teaching in subtle and sophisticated ways. You will find your use of language – particularly questioning – will be at the heart of your research during this programme.

During the course you will learn how to:

  • use role and different forms of representation
  • plan for engaging and challenging activities
  • co-create meaningful contexts for learning
  • attract your students’ interest using stories, symbols, role, and images
  • build investment and concern.

There will be discussions on subjects such as engaging hard to reach learners, differentiation, the use of scaffolding, power and authority, and methods to support your class in their personal, intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth.

Finally, you will be involved in investigations into deploying high level questioning techniques, the use of sign, and an introduction to semiotics.

This course is FREE for practising NEU qualified teacher members.

Full details about the course, the application process and what is involved can be found on the NUT-Section website.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary

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Union win: GMB and NEU joint campaign at Charlton Park Academy !

After months of action, including 6 strike days at Charlton Park Academy, GMB and NEU members have gained a well-deserved victory over national terms and conditions.


Management at Charlton Park introduced a two-tier workforce when it became an academy in 2012 by removing the protection of national terms and conditions for new staff. Staff employed on new Academy contracts saw serious reductions in their sick pay entitlements.


The issue came to a head when a teacher who experienced an industrial injury was forced to pay her rent using her credit card when she discovered that she was only entitled to four weeks’ sick pay.


Joint strike action by determined GMB and NEU members began in July with over 90 school staff taking part. On 29 November, agreement was reached between all parties to extend national terms and conditions to all Charlton Park staff.


Surrey NEU have supported the action both morally and financially and we congratulate the staff of Charlton Park on their successful stand.

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