Stress survey: please respond !

Dear colleagues

We have been contacted by a masters student who is studying teacher stress. She has asked whether NUT members would be willing to complete a confidential online survey on the matter.

If you have a chance, please fill out the survey – It will be open for 2 weeks.


Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary
Surrey Division of the National Union of Teachers

01293 452071 07889 103 902

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“Responding to Young People’s Questions and Fears” One day FREE CPD to support teachers

Dear colleague

Supporting Teachers to Respond to Young People’s Questions and Fears

Whether it’s Brexit, Donald Trump, Syria or the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, national and international events are impacting on the lives of children and young people in schools up and down the country. Childline has reported a 35% increase in anxiety counselling sessions amongst young callers. Research indicates the reasons for the sharp rise are down to a combination of personal and political issues.

Teachers are increasingly being faced with questions and worries from young people. The NUT in partnership with EqualiTeach have developed a training course to help teachers respond in a supportive and effective fashion to young people’s questions and fears around these issues.

This training session will support participants to:

  • address their concerns about working with young people on issues that worry or distress them
  • explore techniques to deal with questions from young people
  • effectively challenge prejudicial attitudes
  • educate young people to help them to recognise misinformation and reject stereotypes, prejudice and hate
  • help young people to become active citizens and create positive communities.



Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney
General Secretary

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URGENT MESSAGE re Fire Safety in schools and colleges !

Dear Colleagues
Following the appalling events of last week the Union`s campaign in association with ATL and FBU has intensified. The links below tell you more.
Ted Truscoe

SE Representative on the Health and Safety Working Group
National Union of Teachers

01293 452071  07889 103 902

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NUT Update : 16th June 2017: please read re: current issues/concerns


Thanks to your work, the NUT has earned a lot of well deserved credit for our general election campaign, including by the TES and in this article by Sam Freedman.

Where next

We will be watching the Queen’s Speech carefully next week to see if it announces more money for schools or more money for public sector pay. Whether any such money will be sufficient to make up for the cuts of the last two years remains to be seen but seems unlikely. We must step up the campaign to ensure that schools get the funding they need.

  1. Go to see your MP, target the marginal seats.
  2. Set up a stall at the school summer fairs
  3. Plan a local demo

Order your materials here.

There is a fuller version of the above in this Facebook post by the General Secretary.
List of most marginal MPs
PDFs of the materials are available here

New Warwick Mansell blog for the NUT

The education journalist Warwick Mansell has started a fortnightly blog for the NUT. His first post is a hugely positive assessment of the impact of the School Cuts campaign and its future: “School cuts campaign cuts through”. Please share widely within your networks and on social media.


Primary Assessment Campaign

The Government said that owing to the chaos of the 2016 SATs data from these tests would not be used in isolation to make judgements on schools. There is evidence emerging that, despite assurances this would not be the case, schools and school leadership are being judged on the basis of these results alone (e.g. by the National College).

Please speak to teachers, in particular leadership members, and let us know what is happening in your area by emailing

Writing in the TES Kevin Courtney presented the case for reform and why baseline assessment does not provide the answer. The blog challenges the NAHT view that using baseline assessment to create a progress measure will take the pressure of the school accountability system off teachers and schools. Please share the blog.

All primary members and primary leadership members were emailed this week to ask them to take part in the primary assessment consultation by 22 June. Advice and guidance on responding to the consultation is available on our website.

The More Than a Score campaign also emailed supporters to encourage them to take part. Guidance for parents on responding to the consultation is available on the More Than a Score website.

Over 2,300 primary teachers and school leaders took part in our 2017 SATs survey. Hundreds of members wrote in comments describing the experiences in their school. We will be publishing a report of the results next week to coincide with the end of the primary assessment consultation.


School Direct Charter

This week, alongside NQT materials, you should receive copies of the NUT Charter for School Direct, which you can also view online here.

This document has been produced as a tool for workplace reps, local officers, and NUT Staff to recruit and engage School Direct members and potential members and organise them to secure the best possible training experience as well as good terms and conditions for those on a salaried programme. Please use this Charter to speak with members coming to the end of their School Direct training about their experiences, and especially as new School Direct trainees begin at your schools and in your associations over the summer and post-September.  A number of regions and associations have also begun to speak with universities, academy chains, and SCITT providers about getting this charter adopted as policy and we encourage you to do the same and let us know your progress and successes. Please email feedback to

NUT Official elected onto the Governing Body of the ILO

Amanda Brown, NUT Assistant General Secretary has been elected onto the governing body of the International Labour Organisation, workers’ group. This is the first time that a woman has been elected to this post from the UK trade union movement.

The ILO, an agency of the UN, brings together governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 member States to promote rights at work, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.

Kevin Courtney said; “The ILO is based on the premise that universal, lasting peace can be established only if it is based on social justice. Amanda has previously presented evidence to the ILO of ways in which the UK falls short of international standards. The NUT has a proud history of international solidarity and I am delighted that Amanda has been elected to take up this important role.

23 June 2017 – Office Closure & e-Bulletin

As you know the Union is taking the unprecedented step of closing all offices, the AdviceLine and HQ on Friday, 23 June in order to bring all staff together as part of the work we are doing as we move towards the National Education Union. Therefore, next week’s e-Bulletin will instead be sent out on Thursday 22 June.

Joint Secretaries Briefing: Friday 30 June – Saturday 1 July

Please click here for the briefing programme.

Please feel free to bring publicity materials to the briefing which will be out on display.  We will confirm your accommodation that the NUT has booked for you next week.

The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education: International Law & Human Rights Launch Event – 28 June

The Bingham Centre Rule of Law for Citizenship Education engages secondary school students in discussions about law, politics and by providing free resources which equip students with the criticality to challenge the world around them. Their latest textbook, International Law and Human Rights provides five lesson plans with learning objectives, student printouts, background information on each teaching point and glossaries containing definitions of key legal terms and concepts.

They would like to invite secondary school members of the NUT to their launch event on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 at 17:00 to introduce the material, provide training on its content, and help teachers to become more confident when delivering the lessons provided.

The event will be held at the offices of Travers Smith LLP, 10 Snow Hill, London EC1A 2AL. The session will be interactive and there will be opportunities for feedback and sharing of best practice with other educators. Every attendee will receive a free copy of the material and there will be a drinks reception to allow time for networking.  To avoid disappointment, book your place. Any questions, comments or queries should be sent to

Race at Work promotional films

The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) has created a webpage containing graphic novels, short youtube films and posters highlighting some of the main findings from the 2015 Business in the Community (BITC) ‘Race at Work’ survey.  These materials will support promotion of the Union’s Barriers report.  Please take a look.

Equality Conferences 2017 – Important Update

Over 30 people have already applied to the Disabled Teachers Conference this year and over 40 to the Black Teachers Conference. The application forms have been sent directly to your association/division secretary’s generic email address for authorisation and payment.  If you don’t normally use the generic account please check it to see whether any of your members have applied for DTC or BTC 2017. If you are awaiting committee meetings or general meetings to make your decision on who to send then we look forward to receiving the completed applications with payment from you before the summer break. Members will not have a confirmed place until we receive the forwarded application form and payment from the association/division.

For any queries relating to the equality conferences this year please email


Please find below details of forthcoming action. You are encouraged to send messages of solidarity to the email addresses below:

Action Date Contact
Forest Hill/Lewisham
Tuesday 20 June Lea Bonnell
Dormer Wells High School/Ealing
(Transfer of Employer)
Tuesday 20 June
Wednesday 21 June
Thursday 22 June
Stefan Simms
Drayton Green Primary/Ealing Tuesday 20 June
Wednesday 21 June
Stefan Simms
Inclusion & Specialist Team/Hackney Tuesday 20 June Dave Davies


Fire safety in schools

This week’s devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in London has reinforced the need to review fire safety arrangements in schools. In late 2016, the DfE proposed many changes to school fire safety designs, which included removing the ‘expectation’ that new schools be fitted with sprinklers and allowing significantly larger fire ‘compartments’ without the need for sprinkler systems. The NUT and FBU vigorously opposed these changes, as they would pose a serious threat to safety of pupils and staff should a fire break out. Grenfell Tower was not fitted with a sprinkler system, and Matt Wrack of the FBU has suggested that recent renovations to the building may have compromised the fire compartments.

This joint campaign forced the DfE to shelve the proposals and consult further with the NUT, FBU and other experts. A final decision was expected in early 2017, but to date, the DfE still has not published the outcome of the consultation. The NUT will be urgently pursuing this issue with Justine Greening, calling on her to reverse these proposals which would significantly reduce the fire safety of schools. We will be encouraging the other education unions to support us in this campaign. NUT guidance on fire safety and sprinklers in schools are available on the website.


Please bring the following items to the attention of ISOs and members locally:

Struggling in the Shadows: Events to Mark Srebrenica Memorial Day

A reminder that this year, the NUT in partnership with Remembering Srebrenica, will host three separate but related FREE events at NUT HQ. For more information and to register to attend any or all of the events please visit here.

Send My Friend to School campaign

World leaders have promised a quality education to every child in the world by 2030. However, a key piece of the puzzle is missing – the money to pay for this education – meaning that there are currently 263 million children missing out on school, both at primary and secondary. We are calling on the UK government to play their part in solving this education crisis. Thousands of schools across the country are supporting the Send My Friend to School campaign. Click here to find out more and download your FREE teaching resource pack with everything you need to bring the campaign to life in your classroom – including films, real life stories and activities.

World’s Largest Lesson 2017

Join thousands of educators in over 100 countries taking part in the World’s Largest Lesson 2017. The lesson will inspire you and your students to support the Sustainable Development Goals through learning and action. To find out how to take part click here.


This week has been dominated by the horrific fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower in London claiming so many lives and causing such hardship and trauma for others.

In other news the media have been analysing the surprise General Election result. The NUT’s campaign against school cuts played a pivotal role in this election; a fact that has been recognised on twitter with senior commentators name checking the strength of the campaign, such as Chris Cook from Newsnight and Stephen Bush of the New Statesman.

I also commented on the rise in pupils not getting their first choice of secondary school place for the Independent while the NUT’s stand against the expansion of grammar schools was highlighted in a Schools Week editorial.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

NUT General Secretary

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‘Vote for Education’ leaflets in Guildford and Farnham distribution this weekend !

If anyone is free this weekend I plan to hand out the ‘Vote for Education’ NUT leaflets in Guildford and Farnham.  I had an excellent response today at my local station where the guard wanted 50 more for display after I had handed out lots to passengers.
With best wishes,

Anne Leech

Please contact me on 01256381885 or “” , if you can lend a hand.!


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It’s been an incredible 72 hours. Our new School Cuts video has taken off on Facebook, reaching over 3 million parents and teachers across the country in just three days.

But we can’t stop there – we need millions more to learn about the Government’s school cuts this election, and what this means for their schools and children.

Share the video today: we want every parent and teacher in England to see these numbers. 

We now know that the Government wants to cut £8.9 billion more in school funding by 2022. Under these plans, over 18,000 schools will face cuts.

It’s up to us to pressure each local candidate to oppose school cuts. Ask them to pledge at

These next few days are crucial. Let’s keep pushing together.

With hope

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney
General Secretary

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POSTPONED ! Special Surrey NUT Women’s Lunch: Saturday June 10th.

 Surrey NUT women’s lunch on Sat June 10th .

Women’s network meeting on June 10th postponed, owing to unforeseen circumstances, but we will be back with a new event next year.

Jackie Baker ( j.baker@executive. or leave a message on 01403 267778, if you wish to be contacted . Please leave your name, contact email, and School or college details.

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Surrey Division Meeting : 23rd May at 6 p.m. at Engelfield Green Infant School: Agenda & minutes of previous meeting.-see below

Agenda for Surrey Division Meeting: Tuesday 23rd May at 6.00 p.m.

Engelfield Green Infant School, Barley Mow Road, Engelfield Green, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0NP.

Dear Colleague

I enclose the available papers for the next meeting of the Executive Committee. Please bring these papers with you.

I look forward to seeing you on the 23 May


Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary

Surrey Division of the National Union of Teachers

01293 452071          07889 103902



Tues 23 May at 6.00 pm. Engelfield Green Infant School

Barley Mow Road, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0NP




    1. Apologies for Absence:
    2. Report of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising
    3. Correspondence
  • Motion: That a Women`s network meeting be held in the Summer Term with a budget to be agreed by the Committee :


Proposed by Marilyn Stevens; seconded by Veronica Bale

    1. Secretary
    2. Treasurer
    3. Annual Conference: reports and impressions
  • Sections: reports and discussion on budgets


  1. SACRE
  2. National Executive
  3. Regional Office
  4. Equalities Officer
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Any Other Urgent Business.

There will be refreshments served before the meeting

Minutes of a General Meeting on 30th March 2017:-

  1. In the Chair: the President Mr S Al-Zuhairi
  2. Apologies for absence: Fred Greaves, Karen Burt, Craig Nunes, Sam Sulkin, Jan Pells, Veronica Bale, Jim Brennan, Jackie Baker
  3. Minutes of 17 January 2017 : These were agreed as accurate.

4.       Matters Arising from the minutes:

(i)                 Margaret Lawrence the school representative at Glebelands will be attending Conference. .

(ii)               No central guidance on childcare allowances has been received from the Unionnationally.

(iii)             The teacherin system proposed by officers of Kingston Association at the meeting of17 January has not been approved by the Union nationally; we await further comment.

(iv)             Following the AGM and the previous meetings donations were approved and have been made to:-

Cuba Solidarity:  
Justice for Colombia:  
Feminist Library:  
Surrey Arts:  
East Africa Appeal:    ( emergency decision by officers)

(v)               The funding for school budgets and for Surrey Arts has been cut in real terms

(vi)             Ted Truscoe spoke movingly at the Holocaust Memorial service at County Hall


  1. National Executive Member: Cuts in school funding are making some schools consider extreme measures. A Four-Day week has been proposed in some. It was hoped that following the successful meeting of the Women`s network another would be arranged for the Summer term. There were plans for an organising forum for retired members.
  2. Secretary: There have been a number of difficulties with agencies with bad employment practices and inappropriate placements. Competency procedures are now becoming so common that they are no longer preventing redeployment elsewhere but they continue to be a major source of stress. Redundancies are expanding in LA schools, academies and independent schools. This is increasing stress and also workload on the survivors. At Schools Forum support for Surrey Arts has been cut as LA schools do not wish to subsidise provision for academies. Four S is in trouble with a refusal of extra money for school improvement. Surrey still own 19.9% of Four S but there seems to be little they do with it and it is not often mentioned. School budgets are badly hit by new plans. There is a new website on school funding so that they can see just how big the hit is. The pace of academisation is quickening again. A London Diocese MAT is beginning to appear in Surrey. TATU is slowly bubbling away with very slow responses from academies. Finally, Holocaust Memorial Day will be observed at County Hall again this year; Ted Truscoe will bespeaking.


  • Treasurer presented  the balances for the Division.   

The Treasurer said that the finances were healthy and this had allowed us not only to make a number of donations and send a record number of delegates to Annual Conference as well as 4 to the LGBT+ conference, 2 to Young Teachers, 1 to Supply and 1 to the TUC Black Workers` Conference.



  1. Secretary: Casework has expanded to a lunatic degree. The Secretary thanked all caseworkers who made this bearable. The Secretary herself had 27 currently active cases with 9 fresh ones appearing that morning. There were particular problems with United Learning and closure and amalgamation of independent schools. Academy heads are developing highly idiosyncratic systems of working, some of which are actually illegal. They are getting away with because staff are afraid and intimidated. Four S looks to be in some trouble with renewal of contract coming up and an uncertain future. Sir Andrew Carter of South Farnham School is a favourite of the Government. He has been saying that schools raising additional funds from parents is a good thing. With the new National Education Union coming up fast, the Secretary has been invited onto a small committee which will look at the branding of the new Union. In the meanwhile the exact functioning of the NEU continues to be a source of concern particularly in regard of the position of retired members, local finances and the recruitment of non-teachers. There will be more detailed briefings for officers next term.

9.       Any Other Business:

    1. The Assistant Secretary explained arrangements for Annual Conference
    2. Chris Crawford thanked the Division for the magnificent basket of fruit she and Brian had received.
    3. Sharon John announced that she would be leaving the Division at the end of this academic year to take up a post in Dubai


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