School Sprinkler Petition: Please sign: details below !

Dear Colleagues,

 The Wansbeck MP, Ian Lavery has written to the Secretary of State, demanding that all schools are  fitted with sprinklers –

 A petition to parliament has been started by the Northumberland Labour Group, calling for all schools to be fitted with sprinklers. Please sign and share with members –

 Kind Regards,

 Sophie Ward

Policy Officer

Pay, Conditions and Bargaining

National Education Union

0207 380 4767

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Events Officer Report from Philip Clark: November 2017


Events Officer Report November 2017

I am pleased to be able to report that:

Annual General Meeting:

The AGM will be held on 17th February 2018 at H G Wells Conference & Event Centre Woking Surrey. The meeting will begin at 10am and conclude at 12 noon. A buffet lunch will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.

Annual Conference:

My thanks to all who responded to my email dated 23rd October.

[If you are a member of the NUT section of the NEU in Surrey and would like to go to Annual Conference next Easter in Brighton please get in touch, asap, on  to let us know.
There are still a few places available

The decision as to the allocation of Delegate or Observer status will be taken at the Division meeting on 16th January 2018. It is therefore very important that those who are listed above make every effort to attend on that date.

At conference the Division will host a drinks reception on 30th March followed by a meal for the delegation on 31st March.

Presidential Lunch:

The Presidential Lunch will be held on 12th May 2018. The venue will be the Holiday Inn in Guildford Surrey. I am pleased to report that Louise Regan (current NUT National President) will be our principal guest. Formal invitations will be posted out early next year.


Philip Clark

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Equalities Report fron Anne Leech: November 2017

Equalities Report November 2017


Meetings attended:


2 October, Congress House, London


‘Celebrate, Learn, Organise’ A tribute to Jayaben Desai organised by the SERTUC Race Relations Committee, chair, Betty Joseph. Jayaben became an unlikely and reluctant star of the British Trade Union movement when she refused to accept the shocking working conditions at the Grunwick Photographic Processing works between 1976 and 1978. Speakers included her son, Sunil Desai, Jack Dromey who was Secretary of the area Trade Council and several executive members of the GMB. A story of perseverance, persecution and personal courage to lead workers, in spite of the lack of TUC backing. Although the workers did not win back their jobs after 2 years of strike, facing police barricades, and government intransigence, it ended the myth of passive Asian women workers and demonstrated the power of a united workforce.

Equalities Picture


24 October


After being given an appointment time by my MP, Damian Hinds, I was told he was too busy in a debate all day and that I could leave the facts and figures which I had prepared on local schools in the central lobby as nobody from his office was available to collect the papers. I then attended the school cuts meeting in Emmanuel Hall, where John McDonnell was speaking and returned to the Houses of Parliament in the afternoon when I put in a green card to see my MP. He then sent a colleague, Huw Merriman E. Sussex MP, to discuss the funding or lack of funding for schools in my local area. (see report ‘The News Line’ Thursday, Oct. 26 in which my views on my MP were reported.)


18 November, 12.30 Farnham


Proposed date for the Surrey Women’s Network Meeting. I have contacted staff in 10 of the largest schools in Farnham with details of the meeting which has been booked at the upstairs room of the Giggling Squid in Farnham.


Anne Leech (Surrey Equalities Officer, NUT Section of NEU)

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Message from the Fabian Society : Invitation to a Meeting on Education: 19th November 2017

Fabian Society

A National Education Service?


Surrey Fabian Society, 3 pm – 5pm, Sunday 19th November, Guildford Diocese Education Centre, The Cathedral, Guildford GU2 7UP

Our speaker will be Steve Williams, experienced teacher and education consultant, and local government councillor, with recent first hand management involvement in steering the process of conversion to academy status.

He will flesh out Labour’s National Education Service – Labour’s umbrella term for a raft of reforms, including increases in schools funding, free adult education and the return of the Education Maintenance Allowance for 16- to 19-year-olds. This is intended to be “life-long” and “not just another structure, not another sign on the school gate”

The meeting is planned to be highly interactive, allowing maximum participation from the attendees, which we hope will include as many educational practitioners as possible from the Surrey area.

Entry is free to all. Refreshments will be served. Do please come and give us the benefits of your insights and observations.

Further details from our Secretary, Warren Weertman,

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Update Noticeboard from the NEU: 10th November 2017

The Department for Education is creating a national Teacher Vacancy service.  The service aims to improve how permanent and fixed-term teacher vacancies are advertised and filled by:

  • reducing the time schools currently spend on publishing vacancies and the cost of recruiting new teachers
  • making it easier for aspiring and current teachers to find jobs quickly and easily
  • recruitment

The DfE is testing the service through user research and engagement to ensure it meets the needs of users, schools and teachers. Once established, we believe this service will benefit our members.  Please share the link for this on-line survey with members in your area.  The survey is an opportunity for members to influence the design of the service.  The survey closes on 6 November 2017, so there is only a short window of opportunity to participate.

Representative of the Year and Officer of the Year

Nominations are now open for 2017/18 awards. The awards recognise the contribution made by local NUT Section representatives and officers of the NEU and help identify and share good practice.

You will need to complete an online nomination form.  Further information is available here or by emailing

The closing date for nominations is 8 December 2017.


Send My Friend to School Seeks 2018 Campaign Champions

The Send My Friend to School Campaign is seeking Campaign Champions for 2018. Champions are outstanding young people who have a passion and enthusiasm for ensuring every child across the globe is able to go to school. The programme includes a free, two-day residential training in March, a Parliamentary Action Day, photo stunts, and more. Click here for more information.

Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of the Rohingya People – Amnesty International Petition

The international community must come together to end the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people in Burma. More than 500,000 people have been forced to flee their homes as a result of attacks from the Myanmar government, and hundreds of men, women and children have been killed. Join Amnesty International’s call for an end to the violence by signing the petition on their website, and share the link with friends, family, colleagues and others in your network.

Steve Sinnott International Solidarity Award 2018

You are invited to submit nominations for the 2018 Steve Sinnott International Solidarity Award, which gives recognition to members who have made exemplary contributions to the Union’s work on international solidarity. The deadline for submissions is 12 January 2018. Click here for more information and to download a nomination form.


This week’s major NEU launch was of joint guidance with the British Lung Foundation. It urges schools to draw up action plans to protect children from air pollution. This appeared in TES, Air Quality News and via the Press Association in over 300 publications. Our press release and a link to the guidance are here.

I have also commented this week on homework during holidays for the Newcastle Evening Chronicle and the expansion of the AET trust for Schools Week. And we are still seeing a great many local news reports off the back of the lobby of Parliament during half term.

All of our recent press releases can be found here.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

Joint General Secretary

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Executive Report from Jackie Baker: Surrey and West Sussex branches of the NEU


Anne and Jackie

Ann Leech and myself at the rally before lobbying our MPs


The lobby of Parliament , on Tuesday 24th October, started with two excellent rallies, where there were some notable speakers, including Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrats and John McDonell, Shadow Chancellor. Both Kevin Courtney and Mary Bousted were on the platform too.


I did manage to see my MP, Jeremy Quin, and as well as talking about the funding crisis, I also opened up the question of supply agencies , and the need for Local Authorities to look at setting up a supply pool or at least a register.


Women’s Network Tapas : Don’t forget our Surrey NUT section women’s network tapas on Sat 18th November. There are still a few places left, so please email me ( or leave a message with your name and details of your school or college on 01403 267778, if you’re interested. ATL section especially welcome.


Ofsted is to ask about workload during inspections.


Sean Harford, National Director, Education, Ofsted, has recently made it clear that school staff will be asked about workload during inspections. This will be via the questionnaire , although one National Executive member reported that in her school, staff were asked during one of the interview sessions on inspection day.


Ofsted has also stated that the number of conversions for ‘good’ schools, should drop dramatically. This is because Ofsted is starting with section 5 inspections of good schools after October half term, where risk assessment indicates that a conversion is highly likely.

There are also proposals to allow some schools more time to improve with support , before the section 5 inspection , which would in fact take place at the time the next inspection was due.

Speaking to local Head Teachers about this, there is some concern, that this extra waiting time would in fact be more stressful than having a section 5 inspection within a few days.

The changes over asking staff about workload has been given a cautious welcome by the union but there is no denying that the whole system is at the root of most stress and workload in Schools and needs radical reform.


Kevin Courtney’s report to National Executive.


The General Secretary began his report by paying tribute to the hard work of officers, Executive members and staff running up to the launch of the National Education Union, since which time, the Union had been represented at TUC and the two major party conferences; Labour and the Conservatives. All three events had gone very well. The NEU’s delegation had gelled extremely well and had benefited from Mary Bousted chairing Congress with Kevin Courtney moving a vote of thanks; all good for the profile of the new union. The Fringe event at the Labour party had been full to overflowing with participants expressing positive support for the school funding website and campaign. In addition, eleven Labour MPs (including most of the shadow education front bench) had attended a private function organised by the Union – signalling a real opportunity for engagement with Labour education policies in development, in particular the ‘ten principles’ outlined by Angela Rayner in her speech. The Union was now building for the Lobby of Parliament on 24 October (with 900 signed up to attend so far) and, longer term, the May 2018 local elections. Work continued on the other campaigns, on slightly differing timescales. On assessment, the Union would be building on its joint work with ‘more than a score’ and the other education unions. Colleagues were working to mesh together the ‘make one change’ initiative and workload pilots in nine divisions to ensure engagement and mobilisation of

members to take forward the workload campaign; Sean Harford’s recent statement requiring OFSTED teams to include scrutiny of workload levels as part of inspections was welcomed. The Joint General Secretaries were in discussion with NAHT and ASCL about the possibility of a joint pay claim for direct submission to the Secretary of State, stressing that a fully funded pay award would be a vital element of any claim.


RESOLUTION ON PAY :The NUT Section Executive agreed the following resolution.


We note that successive years of below-inflation pay deals has seen teachers’ pay fall in real terms by 13%.” other public sector unions are campaigning for a real pay rise. In particular we note 14 health unions have written to the government, not waiting on pay review bodies, demanding a 3.9 percent plus £800 rise – matching the current RPI measure of inflation which includes housing costs and a flat rate on top to begin to restore cuts in living standards. We also note the joint claim by UNISON, Unite and GMB of 5 per cent for 2 million local government workers including school staff.


We further note that:


a)  the relative decline in teachers’ pay is a major factor in the recruitment and retention problemsfacingschools–somethingtheSTRBhasreferencedinitslasttworeports;


b)  the government’s failure to provide extra funding for the 2% mainscale increase has further increased the pressure on schoolbudgets;


c)  recent reports have suggested that the STRB may be asked to consider lifting the pay cap forteachers.


We resolve to:


i)    approachotherteacherunionstodiscussthepossibilityofsubmittingajointpayclaim along the same lines as healthunions;


ii)    ensure that a key demand in such a pay claim is that it is fully funded by thegovernment;


iii)    prepare briefing materials on the problems of teacher recruitment and retention to underpin why this claim isnecessary;


iv)  develop campaign materials, that link our pay claim to the need for increased school funding, encouraging members to support thecampaign;


v)  encourage local associations to discuss pay and funding and consider ways in which these campaigns can be developedlocally:


vi)  ask Executive members and regional officers to discuss holding rallies and other events, working with other unions campaigning on pay and funding; Weshould


invite leading political figures, who have expressed support for our pay claim, to join such rallies to build the widest possible support for our cause.


vii)   consider using internal polling of members to establish the level of support for a pay campaign, including willingness to vote for strike action on thisissue;


viii)   work with local associations and regional offices to monitor LA and MAT pay policies to ensure that joint union guidance on the 2017 increase is being implemented and support action where this is nothappening;


ix)   continue to work with other unions through the TUC campaign Britain Needs A Pay Rise and to support any unions taking strike action as part ofthis;


x)  include the need for school support staff to have a pay increase in our publicity and materials;


xi)   as a priority, raise the pay campaign with members at the planned school meetings taking place over the next twomonths.


We further agree to ask the Executive of the NEU ATL Section to consider this motion and submit it for discussion at a future NEU Joint Executive Committee.


We see pay and winning proper funding for all schools as inextricably linked as, unless any pay award is fully funded, it will simply lead to cuts elsewhere in schools. We therefore resolve to build the campaigns in pay and funding in parallel and include in any pay claim the demand that it be fully funded by the Government. We resolve to approach other teaching unions with a view to submitting a joint pay claim for all teachers along the lines outlined here and to work to reach such an agreement. However, given the urgency of the pay situation, such discussion must be time-limited .

Download poster copy here:-

JB exreportoct17

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Updates from the NEU : November 2017


Fred and Anne Jarvis Award 2018

Members are reminded to make nominations for the Fred and Anne Jarvis Award 2018, which recognises the contribution of an individual outside the Union. Nominations must be submitted on the form available on the website by midday, 8 January 2018. Further details are available here.


Day to Remember the Dead in Mexico!

On 2 November, Justice Mexico Now! will deliver a letter to the Mexican Ambassador demanding justice for some emblematic cases of extrajudicial killings and torture where Mexican officials were involved. This includes the case of the Ayotzinapa 43, the student teachers who were forcibly disappeared in 2014. To join the event, visit ‘Justice Mexico Now!’s Facebook page.

New video resource launched

The NEU-NUT Section has recently released a new advocacy resource. In the short, five-minute video, advocates, teachers and Union staff share their answers to the question “What is the role of education in building respect and community cohesion?”. Click here to watch the video or email for a copy.

Latest edition of Global Matters now available

The newest edition of Global Matters is now available on the website. It includes stories about the Nicaragua teacher exchange, the 100 million for 100 million and Send My Friend to School campaigns, and the new Strategy Snapshot resources.


Reclaiming Education Conference – Saturday 11 November

NUT NEU Section, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD

Labour’s 2017 Election Manifesto included a promise to create a National Education Service. This conference will ask what ideas lie behind this and what it might mean in practice. I will be speaking at the event alongside Mike Watson, Labour Education spokesperson in the Lords and Jonathan Bartley, ­Co-Leader of the Green Party. Book your place here.

Latin America 2017 Conference – Saturday 2 December

Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS

With countries across Latin America facing a resurgent right and the threat of external intervention from Trump, this year’s Conference will be the most crucial yet. Over 50 representatives of progressive movements and governments from across Latin America will speak alongside politicians, journalists, trade unionists and campaigners. Book your ticket now.


The NEU has commented on a variety of stories, including Liberal Democrat statistics on school funding for Schools Week, performance-related pay for the TES, the MAT growth fund for Schools Week, and the possibility of councils ignoring the new funding formula for the TES.

Our recent survey which showed that members are regularly digging into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies, was given a further piece of exposure in the Guardian on Wednesday. Read the testimonies of five teachers here.

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REMINDER: The next meeting of the Surrey NUT Section of the NEU : 14th November 2017: details below

Dear Colleague
The next meeting of the Surrey NUT Section of the NEU will take place on 14 November 2017 at  Connaught School, Manor Way, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5JY    from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.
 This meeting is also the joint meeting with officers of the ATL Section as we are required to hold with a specified agenda which appears as item 4 in your papers.
I hope to see you on 14 November. ALL MEMBERS WELCOME !
Ted TruscoeAssistant Secretary
Surrey NUT Section of the National Education Union

01293 452071     07889 103 902

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