‘Vote for Education’ leaflets in Guildford and Farnham distribution this weekend !

If anyone is free this weekend I plan to hand out the ‘Vote for Education’ NUT leaflets in Guildford and Farnham.  I had an excellent response today at my local station where the guard wanted 50 more for display after I had handed out lots to passengers.
With best wishes,

Anne Leech

Please contact me on 01256381885 or “isabeleech@btopenworld.com” , if you can lend a hand.!


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It’s been an incredible 72 hours. Our new School Cuts video has taken off on Facebook, reaching over 3 million parents and teachers across the country in just three days.

But we can’t stop there – we need millions more to learn about the Government’s school cuts this election, and what this means for their schools and children.

Share the video today: we want every parent and teacher in England to see these numbers. 

We now know that the Government wants to cut £8.9 billion more in school funding by 2022. Under these plans, over 18,000 schools will face cuts.

It’s up to us to pressure each local candidate to oppose school cuts. Ask them to pledge at schoolcuts.org.uk

These next few days are crucial. Let’s keep pushing together.

With hope

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney
General Secretary

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POSTPONED ! Special Surrey NUT Women’s Lunch: Saturday June 10th.

 Surrey NUT women’s lunch on Sat June 10th .

Women’s network meeting on June 10th postponed, owing to unforeseen circumstances, but we will be back with a new event next year.

Jackie Baker ( j.baker@executive. nut.org.uk) or leave a message on 01403 267778, if you wish to be contacted . Please leave your name, contact email, and School or college details.

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Surrey Division Meeting : 23rd May at 6 p.m. at Engelfield Green Infant School: Agenda & minutes of previous meeting.-see below

Agenda for Surrey Division Meeting: Tuesday 23rd May at 6.00 p.m.

Engelfield Green Infant School, Barley Mow Road, Engelfield Green, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0NP.

Dear Colleague

I enclose the available papers for the next meeting of the Executive Committee. Please bring these papers with you.

I look forward to seeing you on the 23 May


Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary

Surrey Division of the National Union of Teachers

01293 452071          07889 103902       truscoe@blueyonder.co.uk



Tues 23 May at 6.00 pm. Engelfield Green Infant School

Barley Mow Road, Englefield Green, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0NP




    1. Apologies for Absence:
    2. Report of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising
    3. Correspondence
  • Motion: That a Women`s network meeting be held in the Summer Term with a budget to be agreed by the Committee :


Proposed by Marilyn Stevens; seconded by Veronica Bale

    1. Secretary
    2. Treasurer
    3. Annual Conference: reports and impressions
  • Sections: reports and discussion on budgets


  1. SACRE
  2. National Executive
  3. Regional Office
  4. Equalities Officer
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Any Other Urgent Business.

There will be refreshments served before the meeting

Minutes of a General Meeting on 30th March 2017:-

  1. In the Chair: the President Mr S Al-Zuhairi
  2. Apologies for absence: Fred Greaves, Karen Burt, Craig Nunes, Sam Sulkin, Jan Pells, Veronica Bale, Jim Brennan, Jackie Baker
  3. Minutes of 17 January 2017 : These were agreed as accurate.

4.       Matters Arising from the minutes:

(i)                 Margaret Lawrence the school representative at Glebelands will be attending Conference. .

(ii)               No central guidance on childcare allowances has been received from the Unionnationally.

(iii)             The teacherin system proposed by officers of Kingston Association at the meeting of17 January has not been approved by the Union nationally; we await further comment.

(iv)             Following the AGM and the previous meetings donations were approved and have been made to:-

Cuba Solidarity:  
Justice for Colombia:  
Feminist Library:  
Surrey Arts:  
East Africa Appeal:    ( emergency decision by officers)

(v)               The funding for school budgets and for Surrey Arts has been cut in real terms

(vi)             Ted Truscoe spoke movingly at the Holocaust Memorial service at County Hall


  1. National Executive Member: Cuts in school funding are making some schools consider extreme measures. A Four-Day week has been proposed in some. It was hoped that following the successful meeting of the Women`s network another would be arranged for the Summer term. There were plans for an organising forum for retired members.
  2. Secretary: There have been a number of difficulties with agencies with bad employment practices and inappropriate placements. Competency procedures are now becoming so common that they are no longer preventing redeployment elsewhere but they continue to be a major source of stress. Redundancies are expanding in LA schools, academies and independent schools. This is increasing stress and also workload on the survivors. At Schools Forum support for Surrey Arts has been cut as LA schools do not wish to subsidise provision for academies. Four S is in trouble with a refusal of extra money for school improvement. Surrey still own 19.9% of Four S but there seems to be little they do with it and it is not often mentioned. School budgets are badly hit by new plans. There is a new website on school funding so that they can see just how big the hit is. The pace of academisation is quickening again. A London Diocese MAT is beginning to appear in Surrey. TATU is slowly bubbling away with very slow responses from academies. Finally, Holocaust Memorial Day will be observed at County Hall again this year; Ted Truscoe will bespeaking.


  • Treasurer presented  the balances for the Division.   

The Treasurer said that the finances were healthy and this had allowed us not only to make a number of donations and send a record number of delegates to Annual Conference as well as 4 to the LGBT+ conference, 2 to Young Teachers, 1 to Supply and 1 to the TUC Black Workers` Conference.



  1. Secretary: Casework has expanded to a lunatic degree. The Secretary thanked all caseworkers who made this bearable. The Secretary herself had 27 currently active cases with 9 fresh ones appearing that morning. There were particular problems with United Learning and closure and amalgamation of independent schools. Academy heads are developing highly idiosyncratic systems of working, some of which are actually illegal. They are getting away with because staff are afraid and intimidated. Four S looks to be in some trouble with renewal of contract coming up and an uncertain future. Sir Andrew Carter of South Farnham School is a favourite of the Government. He has been saying that schools raising additional funds from parents is a good thing. With the new National Education Union coming up fast, the Secretary has been invited onto a small committee which will look at the branding of the new Union. In the meanwhile the exact functioning of the NEU continues to be a source of concern particularly in regard of the position of retired members, local finances and the recruitment of non-teachers. There will be more detailed briefings for officers next term.

9.       Any Other Business:

    1. The Assistant Secretary explained arrangements for Annual Conference
    2. Chris Crawford thanked the Division for the magnificent basket of fruit she and Brian had received.
    3. Sharon John announced that she would be leaving the Division at the end of this academic year to take up a post in Dubai


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General Election: 8th June 2017 : NUT Press Release

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement of a general election, Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“This country must have a Government that will invest in education. In the general election, we will press all parties to give commitments that if elected, they will invest and not cut education.  At the moment, Theresa May’s Government has taken decisions which mean 99% of schools are going to lose funding. Teachers and parents will lobby vociferously to put school and sixth form college funding at the heart of this general election. Candidates must recognise what will happen to children’s education if we make the £3billion worth of cuts a year that the National Audit Office has predicted.

“Teachers are working longer hours than nearly every other country and our children are some of the unhappiest in the world. We must return a government that will talk and work properly with the profession so we can bring down teacher workload driven by excessive and damaging accountability and assessment measures. This would free up teachers to teach and would be in the best interests of our children and young people.

“In the sixth richest nation in the world it is disgraceful that 4 million children are growing up in poverty. Child poverty levels are simply unacceptable. This weekend we revealed how many children are hungry and going without food. At the general election each party must pledge a real strategy to reduce child poverty, with children’s centres and sure start in every town to ensure that every child has the best start in life.

“Wasting money on grammar schools and free schools is nothing but a distraction from the real issues. This weekend the NUT has revealed that the current government has wasted £138.5 million on free schools. UTCs and studio schools that either closed, partially closed or failed to open. This money should be invested in the education of all children not just the few.

“There are over half a million teachers in the country. Politicians cannot afford to ignore their voices and their passionate ideas about what education needs. The NUT will be pressing every candidate in every constituency to pledge to stop cuts to schools in their constituency and elsewhere.”

Teachers Building Society NQT mortgages

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NUT National Conference: St.David’s Hall, Cardiff: 14th-18th April 2017

Our very best wishes to Surrey Division delegates for the imminent-and momentous-NUT National Conference at St.David’s Hall, Cardiff from Friday 14th April to Tuesday 18th April 2017.

It should be a significant and inspiring event, given the plans for the merger of ATL and NUT, overwhelmingly endorsed by membership ballots in both unions.

Please revisit here-on the website-and follow on Surrey Facebook and Surrey Twitter for updates.


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Education Question Time : Crawley Library 26th April at 6.30 p.m. Featuring Kevin Courtney :message from Jackie Baker, Executive Member for Surrey and West Sussex.

Dear all,

Kevin Courtney and our president, Alex Ramiz, are  on the panel at our next Education Question Time with local councillors and teachers.

Wed 26th April at Crawley Library 18.30 ( refreshments from 17.45)


There is a borough run car park next to the library, which is free after 1800.


Please come along to this public event,   at such a critical time before the Local County Elections, and bring along friends and colleagues .


Kind Regards


Jackie Baker


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