Summer end of term report : Goodbye Gove but there is still much to be done!


It would not have escaped your attention that Michael Gove was demoted on Tuesday.

We should be proud of the role that the NUT’s Stand up for Education campaign played in bringing about his departure – the lobbying of MPs, the street stalls to engage with parents, the industrial action taken by members – this all had a demonstrable impact.

Mr Gove may have left but, of course, his policies remain.  The General Secretary has written to the new Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan MP, seeking an early meeting. It is hoped that the change in personality coincides with an improvement in Government policy and a new willingness to enter into serious negotiations with trade unions.

The Executive met yesterday and agreed a number of steps to re-launch our successful Stand up for Education campaign in the autumn. There will be a consultation with members about our ongoing strategy and campaign. The Union’s manifesto for the General Election will also be launched. This will form the basis for lobbying activity with prospective parliamentary candidates in the run up to the General Election on 7 May 2015.


De-Delegation: A Joint Union Toolkit for Local/District Union Representatives

The Union continues to meet regularly with our sister unions, the ATL, the NAHT and the NASUWT to press ahead with the campaign to protect trade union facility time in schools.  The four unions have revised the De-Delegation Toolkit, which includes guidance on how to handle the next round of Schools Forum meetings and how to persuade all schools to participate in local facilities time arrangements.  It also includes a suite of joint union letters some of which will be issued nationally from the unions, others of which may be adapted and issued by local officers as circumstances dictate. The De-Delegation Toolkit can be accessed on Hearth using the following link:  (this is a password protected link please login to Hearth and copy and paste it in to your browser).

You are urged to read the Toolkit cover note and to consider how your division might best utilise the materials to secure the best outcome for the NUT within the boundaries of your local authority and, ultimately, for the NUT nationally.  We ask that you please continue to keep your regional offices informed of developments and wish you all the best in your endeavours to protect your Union and your members.


The Haringey Division Secretary, Julie Davies, has been suspended by the council on spurious charges and told she is not allowed to communicate with any teachers from the borough, pending an investigation.

We are concerned that this is a politically motivated and baseless attack on an effective and well-respected Division Secretary.

Please sign this petition and send messages of support to the Deputy Secretary of Haringey NUT, Niall O’Connor at:


Steve Sinnott Award for International Solidarity 2015

This newly instituted Award in honour of the late NUT General Secretary Steve Sinnott, seeks to foster and celebrate significant contributions to international solidarity by members.  Do you know an NUT member or group of members who should be commended for their international work at association/division/school level?  For more information about the Award, or to suggest a nomination, please contact  The winner will be presented with the Award at NUT Annual Conference 2015.

Stop Israel’s Apartheid Wall

It has been 10 years since the International Course of Justice (ICJ) ruled the construction of Israel’s Apartheid Wall in the occupied Palestinian West Bank illegal under international law.  Sign War on Want’s Petition and call on the British government to hold Israel to account.  Please bring this campaign to the attention of members locally.

Unite for Quality Education Campaign – World Teachers’ Day: 5 October 2014

For World Teachers’ Day 5 October, declare your support for the objectives of the Unite for Quality Education Campaign.  Click here for information on where to send an email or text message, which will be forwarded to Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, Irene Bokova, Director General of UNESCO and to Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy on Education.  Let them know you support the call for Quality Education for All.


The General Secretary was prominent amongst those reacting to the movement of Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan in the reshuffle.  The General Secretary appeared live on all the major TV news networks – BBC, ITN, Sky News – and radio, telling viewers that “teachers’ faces will be wreathed in smiles” at the news of Gove’s departure from the education brief.  The General Secretary’s remarks were quoted widely in print.  An audio recording of her BBC News appearance can be heard here.

ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain took a trip to Stoke Rochford Hall on Wednesday morning in order to carry a live interview with the General Secretary.  If you are registered with ITV Player, the interview can be viewed from 6.20am here.

This will be the final e-Bulletin for this term. In the event that we need to communicate urgently with you over the summer break, we will email you all.  We wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer from the e-Bulletin Team.140618-strike-709x429

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Message from Christine Blower on July 10th

10 July 2014

Commenting on the day of action across England and Wales, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Thank you to all the teachers who took strike action today alongside five other public sector unions. We know this is not a decision that was taken lightly.

“Extraordinarily the Government’s response to today’s action has been to completely ignore the issues and instead seek to reduce people’s right to strike. There is no point pontificating on the fact that citizens have the right to strike if every time they do so they are vilified. It is a clear indication that this Government does not want to listen to our concerns, nor do they want them drawn to the general public’s attention.

“The reason why this dispute is so long running is due to the absolute failure of this Government to engage in any meaningful discussions on the main issues of our dispute. The responsibility for today’s action lies fairly and squarely at the door of Government. It is high time that we saw some significant movement. Teachers love their jobs but unless their concerns on pay, pensions and workload are addressed teacher recruitment will certainly become an issue

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Action Essentials

Action Notices and Strike Constituency
The notices were sent to all employers in the ballot group from Monday, 23 June 2014. Notices were issued in respect of both the 2011 pension ballot and the 2012 pay and conditions ballot.

Supply teachers
Supply teachers are equally affected by the issues underlying the dispute. All NUT supply teacher members were included in the 2012 pay and conditions ballot for schools and academies. However, they can only take part in strike action or action short of strike action where they are employed directly by local authorities or schools and academies. They cannot take part where they are undertaking work for which they are employed by a supply teaching agency. We have written to all NUT supply teachers with this advice.

Independent schools
Members in independent schools were included in the 2011 pension ballot if they taught in schools which opted into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. At that time, the Secretary of State was threatening to deny all teachers in the private sector access to the pension scheme but, partly as a result of the strike action in 2011, these proposals were abandoned. We are, therefore, not calling upon our members in the independent sector to take action on 10 July. Members from the independent sector should be encouraged to participate in solidarity activities in support of NUT members taking action, by contributing to a local hardship fund or sending a message of support to their local officer.

Sixth form colleges
All sixth form colleges are included in the pension dispute. Only those colleges that are members of the Forum are parties to the Pay and Conditions ballot; the following colleges have not, therefore, been sent strike notices in respect of the pay and conditions dispute:

Central Sussex College (Haywards Heath Campus)
Chichester 6FC
City & Islington 6FC
John Ruskin College
Salford City College (Eccles site)
Salford City College (Pendleton site)
South East Essex 6FC
Stockton Riverside College Bede Sixth Form
Sussex Downs College (Park College site)
Trinity Catholic College (St Marys site)
Worthing College

Free schools
Free schools are not excluded from the action but only those schools which were established at the time at which we gave notice of the pay and conditions ballot (June 2012) can be included in the strike action.

Centrally employed members
Members employed as teachers in central LA services were not automatically included in the ballots. Any such members who undertake teaching work in schools as part of their job were, however, able to be included in the ballots and can take part in the action. Soulbury-paid members were not covered by these ballots and they are not being called on to take part in the action short of strike action or the planned strike.

Workplace list
A database of all schools/colleges and other workplaces included in the ballot cohort will be posted soon on Hearth in the ‘action essentials’ section

Non-Receipt of Strike Notices
Regional/Wales colleagues will have access via the on-line retrieval system to all notice letters sent to self-governing schools (VA, trust, foundation, standalone academies) and Local Authority notices.


Please refer to the FAQ document to assist you in answering member and Rep queries.

Local campaign advertising

Generic campaign adverts have been created to assist associations and divisions when placing local adverts.  Local newspapers will often adjust adverts as part of a booking.  Where this isn’t possible support is available from HQ.

The generic adverts have been created for England and Wales. These are also available in mono.

They can be altered to match different sized bookings.  There is an opportunity for a short local message or contact details to be included in the advert.  This work is carried out by the union’s design house, Paragraphics.

In order to deliver the artwork Paragraphics require the following information:

  • Your name and association
  • A contact telephone number
  • The name of the newspaper
  • The publication date
  • A contact name, email and telephone number at the newspaper
  • The dimensions of the advert, whether it is mono or colour and delivery details (the mechanical data)
  • Any local message you may wish to include.

Please email these details to  You will receive an acknowledgement by email.

The responsibility is on local associations and divisions to book and pay for local adverts

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Latest Strike News


Members are taking action on Thursday, 10 July alongside colleagues from Unison, Unite, PCS, FBU and the GMB.

A document outlining five reasons why we are striking is available on the National website: “”.

Answers to lots of frequently asked questions about the action can be found here.

Where they have been advised, the details of marches and rallies can be found on the Union’s website. Associations and divisions that have given information on local events will be contacted by the Union’s mailing house to confirm delivery addresses and the amount of materials required.  Resources are limited so we cannot guarantee that requests will be completely met.  All deliveries will be posted on Monday for guaranteed delivery by 12 noon Tuesday, 8 July 2014.

Street stalls and Education Question Times are happening across the country with support building from parents and the public. Please do remember to register details of street stalls and email information about Education Question Times to

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Lobby parliament: 10 June

We are now in the run up to next May’s general election, a period in which MPs are most alert to voters’ concerns and most susceptible to pressure. To ensure that MPs hear from us directly, we are lobbying parliament on 10 June. We need your help.

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Changes to GCSE and A Levels

Commenting on the consultation, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Once again secondary school teachers are faced with piecemeal reform of GCSE and A level qualifications. The proposed dates for last awards to be granted for some GCSEs, alongside the dates for the continuation of related subjects, will cause confusion for students and their families and complicate career choices. ”

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Challenging Your School’s Pay Policy

Next year will be the second of Michael Gove’s new ‘flexible’ pay framework. If your school adopted a pay policy last year that doesn’t comply with NUT policy, this term offers a chance to try and change it. There is plenty of NUT advice and support to help you and your members. Start by getting a copy of your pay policy and checking it against our checklist at

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