Easter 2018 Conferences

This is the last year that the ATL section and NUT section will be holding separate conferences. During Easter 2019, we’ll be coming together as one union to hold our first National Education Union annual conference.
This year, both sections of the National Education Union are looking forward to debating the core issues facing education professionals, including workload, pay and funding.
Motions which are passed at both conferences which relate to all National Education Union members will be referred to the Joint Executive Council of the National Education Union for implementation.
Decisions agreed at one section’s conference will be referred to that section’s Executive committee, who will then decide what to recommend as a course of action to the NEU’s governing body, the Joint Executive Committee (JEC), which has representatives from both NUT and ATL sections. The JEC will then decide the appropriate course of action for the NEU as a whole.

NUT section
The NUT section of the National Education Union is holding its Annual Conference in Brighton from 30 March to 3 April 2018.

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Supply Teachers : Urgent update !

Supply News March 2018

Hello everyone,

If you are working for an agency you really need to read the guidance here: please download this pdf : NEU Supply News March 2018 pdf

The NUT have provided a sheet of advice for supply teachers. See link below:


A good section is called “Finding Advice on Supply Teacher Pay and Conditions on the NEU(NUT SECTION) website.”

News from the regions

In Tameside, near Manchester, a survey of 15 secondary schools showed that 3.2% of lessons were taken by unqualified staff. This equates to between 14,000 and 18000 lessons a year.

An academy trust in Suffolk-20 schools- has set up its own pool of supply teachers –teachers are paid at MPS rate, DBS certification is handled by the trust, teachers can pay into TPS and attend CPD in the client school.

In Newcastle it is estimated that 10-11% of lessons are taught by unqualified teachers.

Give your views-Does Surrey need a supply pool again? Better than an agency?

For anyone attending the Conference in Brighton,

The Supply Network meeting is on Saturday inside the conference venue 12.45 – 1.45 pm. Speakers Richard Knights (Secretary Supply Teacher Network) Phil Clarke (Secretary Lewes, Eastbourne and Wealden NUT) Women Against State Pension Inequality and Angela Sandles Welsh supply teacher. We will be revealing the results of our Freedom of Information requests to Welsh schools about the use of unqualified staff.


Marilyn Stevens

Surrey Supply Teacher Officer.



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Asbestos Management : Latest advice

Dear colleagues

The DfE has launched  its Asbestos Management Assurance Process (AMAP) on 1st March 2018, which requires ‘Responsible Bodies’, via an online portal,  to provide an electronic declaration that their schools are compliant with legislation on the management of asbestos in their education estate.  ‘Responsible Bodies’ are the main employer of staff at maintained schools and academies (academy trusts, LAs and in some cases governing bodies).  Although  it is not described as compulsory, Responsible Bodies are ‘ expected’ to comply and the DfE has stated that it intends to publish data which shows which Responsible Bodies have provided assurance declarations.
Although it is the duty of each Responsible Body to ensure that the form is submitted on behalf of all its schools, it can ask individual schools to provide it with the relevant information.  However, the Responsible Body remains ultimately responsible for validating and ensuring the accuracy of information submitted by individual schools, and for providing the overall assurance declaration to the DfE.
The AMAP will be open for 3 months (the deadline for submitting assurances is 31 May 2018).  During this time the DfE will remind Responsible Bodies of the expectation that responses are submitted.
From the NEU point of view, the big flaw in this process is that there are no external inspections, or even spot checks, to ensure that the information provided is accurate.  Despite this, it is a positive development, and something for which the JUAC unions have been pushing, via the DfE Asbestos in Schools Steering Group.
From our experience of submitting FOI requests to both LAs and academy trusts over the last couple of years, it is clear that many Responsible Bodies have in effect sought to wash their hands of any responsibility for asbestos management in schools where they are the employer.  This process should, at least, oblige them to take steps to prove that they are meeting their duties in relation to asbestos management.
Once we have the list of those Responsible Bodes that have complied, it will of course be apparent which have not participated, which will enable certain conclusions to be drawn. The DfE has said that where there are concerns resulting from any assurance declarations, the HSE may need to be involved.  If/when in the future we hear about exposure incidents and bad practice in schools where assurance declarations have been provided, this will assist in putting pressure on the DfE to introduce a more rigorous process, involving inspections.  It will also put the spotlight on Responsible Body failures.
The mere process of the DfE asking for these assurances (with fear of being named and shamed for not safety managing asbestos) may in itself lead some Responsible Bodies (and schools) to up their game.
If you are a health and safety adviser you may wish to raise this with your LA and other Responsible Bodies to discuss how they will be working with schools to comply with this process as accurately as possible, and share the information with h&s reps in your area.  If you work in a school which contains asbestos please raise with your head teacher the importance of participating in the assurance process.  Any queries should be referred to asbestos.asbestos.amap@education.gov.uk.  The AMAP online portal is at https://onlinecollections.des.fasst.org.uk/onlinecollections_ns/ (currently this isn’t working, this has been raised with the DfE).
 Modern Governor have published a  blog that I have written about how the process works. Although aimed at governors,it will be relevant to school leaders and also to local officers and h&s reps who we would urge to encourage schools and employers to work together on this important initiative.

We will share the findings with you at the end of the process.
Best wishes
Sarah Lyons
Principal Officer
Pay, Conditions and Bargaining
National Education Union (NUT Section)
Hamilton House
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Next meeting of Surrey NEU: 20th March 2018 : George Abbot School: 6.00-8.00 p.m. Details below

Dear Colleague


The next meeting of the Surrey NEU will be at George Abbot School on 20 March 2018 in the Sports Hall Conference Room, from 6.00 pm to 8p.m.  The agenda can be downloaded here:-


Supply Teachers Report here:-

NEU Supply News March 2018 pdf


This is the last meeting before Annual Conference and it is important that all Conference delegates attend so that they can be briefed on new Conference procedures, planned events  and significant issues and so that they can ask questions and get any difficulties sorted out. Delegates should already have received their travel expenses  and their daily expense allowance will follow after the 20 March 2018


The Executive Report for 20 March can be downloaded here: executive-news-february-2018 pdf


If you are coming by car these are the parking arrangements:


1) Turn left upon entering the site and park up*. Reception will be closed – I’ll take a register in the meeting room.


2) Follow the road/path towards Surrey Cricket Centre (signposted) by foot. *


3) Enter the Surrey Cricket Centre (which is actually our Sports Hall) and follow NEU signs to the meeting room.


*There are a limited amount of disabled parking bays directly outside the Surrey Cricket Centre for those who need it.


I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.


Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary
Surrey National Education Union

01293 452071 07889 103 902 truscoe@blueyonder.co.uk


Please get in touch with me over any queries or difficulties before the meeting.



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“We are the Lions, Mr Manager”: Electric Theatre, Guildford : 25th March 2018 !

‘We Are The Lions, Mr Manager’ by Neil Gore is touring to The Electric Theatre Guildford 25th March 2018. The show tells the story of the remarkable woman JAYABEN DESAI who fought fort for freedom, equality and dignity in the workplace and lead the GRUNWICK STRIKE 1976-78. The show has been sponsored by all the Trade Unions and has been received with great critical acclaim and fantastic audience feedback. The leaflet for the play can be downloaded here:-


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Don’t forget the NEU main website !!

Just a reminder: For all national issues, campaigns and activities, log in to the excellent NEU website: “www.neu.org.uk”. We shall, of course, highlight and reflect important and urgent news here, on Surrey website, whilst concentrating on more local items.


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Surrey NEU meetings 2018

The meetings for the rest of the academic year are as follows:-

  • 20th March 2018 at The George Abbot School, Guildford
  • 22nd May 2018 at County Hall, Kingston
  • 3rd July 2018 at County Hall, Kingston
  • ALL MEETINGS WILL BE FROM 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. and will be  NEU joint meetings (NUT and ATL colleagues)
  • PLEASE NOTE: The County Hall meetings, on 22nd May and 3rd July could yet change, if a suitable venue (preferably mid-Surrey) is suggested.
  • Further details and papers will be issued later. Please check here, on the NEWS PAGES for updates.
  • Ted Truscoe, Assistant Secretary Surrey NEU: 01293 452071/07889103902 ;Truscoe@blueyonder.co.uk
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Website maintenance : please note !

Following a review of the website at the Surrey NEU AGM yesterday, I shall be reviewing data, information and personnel details, making changes and improvements, where necessary, during the next few days. For instance, as well as publishing details on these news pages, I am going to set up a separate meetings section. I will also be archiving obsolete and historical reports and advice. More details later.

In the meantime, all current and essential sources of information and contact will remain unchanged and operational. 

However, I would ask all members to revisit the site pages over the coming week, to explore the updated pages.

Of course, I would welcome any suggestions, preferences and information sources.

Fred Greaves


Please contact me direct on: “greavesfred@hotmail.com”


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