LESE Public Services Committee – LoveOurColleges lobby October action w/c 15 October 2018

LESE Public Services Committee – LoveOurColleges lobby October action w/c 15 October

#LoveOurColleges – lobby/demo/rally
We are seeking help in promoting the #LoveOurColleges campaign against cuts in FE in England.  This will centre around a week of action, beginning on 15th October.  In addition to a media splash on the Monday and local activity on the Tuesday (more info to follow in due course) the week of action will include a demo, parliamentary lobby and rally in Westminster on:
Wednesday 17th October 2018
#LoveOurColleges is being organised by a campaign coalition, which in addition to UNISON includes UCU, GMB, NUS, NEU, ASCL and the employers body Association of Colleges.
Three key actions we are looking for help with are as follows:
1 Ensure FE members across all unions know about the event, encourage them to commit to attending and discuss joint travel arrangements with other unions at their colleges.  UCU in particular are laying on coaches.
2 Intelligence on how many members are attending and from where etc.  This is a joint campaign with the AoC, college principals are being encouraged to allow staff to take time off from work to take part in the event. 
3  Activists should share info about the lobby etc. on social media.  Here are the twitter and facebook event links https://twitter.com/hashtag/loveourcolleges   https://www.facebook.com/events/2220544781546432   
The timetable for the day is as follows:
11.30am – 12.30pm: Coaches arrive in London. Drop-off likely to be Waterloo Place (where march will form up). Provision to be made for those who may wish to go directly to Westminster rather than join the march, (venue TBC, likely Methodist Central Hall) with staff on hand to sign in, provide briefings and any other support.
12.30pm – 1.30pm: Union-led march from Waterloo Place to Parliament Square – all welcome. Others to have lunch, or begin holding meetings with MPs.
1.30pm – 2.30pm: Rally in Parliament Square. All encouraged to join.  (UNISON has a speaker slot at this, though as its the day of the NEC the speaker is still tbc)
2.30pm – 5.30pm: Lobby of parliament.
Attached are the following items:
–          The Love Our Colleges manifesto DOWNLOAD HERE Colleges Matter manifesto _LoveOurColleges
–          a model letter for FE members to send to their MP to arrange a meeting as part of the lobby. DOWNLOAD Model letter to MPs (2)HERE
Additional activities currently being planned for the week, including politician visits to local FE colleges. 
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URGENT MEETING: NEU 2nd October 2018 6 p.m. H.G.Wells Centre, Woking : details below

Dear Colleagues
The next Joint  Meeting the the Surrey District will take place on 2 October at the H G Wells Centre Woking 6.00 pm—8.00 pm. Refreshments will be available before the meeting. Agenda, minutes and directions are attached.
The meeting will open with a presentation by Amanda Martin who is the National Vice-President.
This meeting is particularly important because we must make recommendations for the rules and officer structure of the the new Union  as of 1 January  2019, recommend local subscription rates and honoraria and arrange for the merging of finances with the ATL at a local level and confirmation of banking arrangements, take nominations for National Conference delegation   (The NUT Section of Surrey NEU may have up to 25 delegates).
The ATL section must also agree to the motions which should be circulated on the agenda and minuted. This is necessary as is is a requirement of banks when making any changes.
By the end of September I hope to go to print with the Final Report of the Surrey NUT for our final meeting on Saturday 17 November at 10.00 at  the HG Wells. Please will all officers provide me with a short contribution before the end of the month. If you are not an officer but have something you wish to share  in this final report please feel free to send it to me for inclusion
The inaugural meeting of the Surrey District of the NEU will be on Saturday 26 January provisionally at H G Wells at 10.00  An agenda and nomination form wild go out with the Annual Report
Because of the large number of important items at this meeting please make every effort to attend. It is vital that this meeting is quorate.  Reports to the meeting  should be written and sent to me for circulation before the meeting.

Ted Truscoe

Assistant Secretary
Surrey NEU

01293 452071 07889 103 902 truscoe@blueyonder.co.uk

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Latest pay advice from the NEU, with particular reference to local officers

The Government has sought to undermine the national pay system by ending fixed pay scales, imposing PRP on all teachers and giving schools ever-increasing powers over pay. The NUT believes that all of this will create much greater inequality and discrimination in teachers’ pay. The Union continues to work to ensure that school pay policies are fair, transparent and protect teachers’ pay entitlements. Advice and guidance to this effect is set out below. There is also a suite of documents on teachers’ pay in the Self-Help A-Z section of the website.


Joint union pay scales

Joint union pay scales

The joint union pay scales show the impact of the proposed uplift to the teachers’ pay ranges for 2018-19, when applied to the individual pay points on those ranges recommended in our joint advice for 2017-18. Further guidance on pay for 2018-19 will be published in due course.

Joint union response on teachers’ pay

Joint union response on teachers’ pay

Three education unions today welcomed the announcement of a 3.5% pay increase for classroom teachers on the main pay range and the Department for Education’s commitment to funding part of this pay award. This shows that the penny may have dropped in terms of the government recognising the scale of the teacher recruitment and retention crisis. However a a number of concerns have been expressed. Read the joint union response.

NEU submission to the School Teachers Review Body

NEU submission to the School Teachers Review Body

Read the  NEU’s evidence and supplementary evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) for its review of teachers’ pay from September 2018.  These submissions set out the NEU’s case for a substantial pay increase for all teachers, beginning with an immediate 5% across the board increase for all teachers which should be fully funded by the Government.

This NEU report sets out the findings of our survey of NEU members on pay for September 2017, including the annual cost of living pay increase and pay progression for school teachers in all sectors and phases.

NEU Pay Progression Toolkit

The NEU pay progression toolkit is a set of nine advice documents for NEU members and NEU representatives intended to help teachers secure pay progression, by taking collective action to resist pay policies which would reduce rates of pay progression or by pursuing and winning appeals against decisions that individual teachers should not progress.

Pay Progression in 2017: NEU Survey Report, February 2018

Pay Progression in 2017: NEU Survey Report, February 2018

This NEU member survey report sets out the results of the 2017 annual survey of NEU members in schools and academies on pay progression and other related pay issues for September 2017. It investigates pay progression decisions for September 2017 and teachers’ views on the impact and fairness of the new performance related pay framework. This survey attracted 13,000 responses making it the largest available survey on pay progression.

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The next meeting of Surrey NEU : 2nd October 2018. Important !

The next meeting of Surrey NEU will be on 2nd October 2018 at The H.G.Wells Centre, in Woking at 6.00 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided.

We are delighted to confirm that National Executive member, Amanda Martin, will be in attendance.

There will be significant decisions to be made: notably, a consideration of draft rules for our new NEU District and recommendations for honorarium rates for lay activists, including caseworkers and postholders of the Executive. So please make every effort to attend, in order to achieve the necessary quorum.

This will be the last official General Meeting of Surrey NUT, before the closing AGM in November. Exciting and significant times !

On a personal note, I need to state that I will be unable to attend on 2nd October, as I am scheduled to undergo a heart by-pass at Harefield Hospital that week. I send my very best wishes to everyone and hope the meeting is enjoyable and productive, with a clear view for the future.

In the meantime, papers will be issued in advance, on line, and I will do my utmost to publish those asap. If in doubt, please contact Surrey NEU via the links on the contact pages of the website.

I have to indicate that there might well be an hiatus in postings in October, depending on my recovery regime, possibly necessitating postal/email communications. However, I will ensure that normal service will be restored as soon as I can.


Fred Greaves


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The very latest NEU news : July 2018



NEU Credential-run and Autumn Term membership offer

  • NEU members who joined us in September 2017 will be receiving their annual credentials towards the end of August.
  • ATL and NUT legacy members will receive their credentials in January 2019 when they will enter a short membership year ending 31 August 2019.
  • From 1 September 2019 all members will be rolled together and receive their 2019/20 annual credential at the end of August 2019.
  • The Autumn Term membership offer for new joiners will be 75% off the full subscription rate for their role and working hours. A new joiner must not have been a member of either section within the past 36 months. The offer is only available to those who pay by direct debit instalments.

A great deal of work is being undertaken by the Core Membership Systems project team and more information will be circulated to you all in the Autumn Term with progress.

Branch Rules
The NEU national rules require there to be local bargaining structures based on employers or groups of employers to undertake workplace trade union duties of representation and negotiation.

The rules dictate that on 1 January 2019 local branches shall be as agreed by the Joint Executive Council during the transition period and shall, as a minimum, include branches for:

a) each education authority community of schools
b) chains of education establishments – academy or otherwise – and stand-alone FE colleges for which formal structures and recognition were in place in either ATL or NUT at the date of amalgamation.

In order to comply with the rules JEC has approved the following branches to commence on 1 January 2019:

  • Branches in each local authority area for the community of publicly funded educational establishments excepting FE colleges and any institution in an employer based branch
  • Branches in each local authority area for the independent schools in that area;
  • Branches for FE colleges
  • A branch for the Girls Day School Trust
  • A branch for the Delta MAT
  • A branch for Cambridge Regional College
  • A branch for Barnet and Southgate College.

As both the education environment and the NEU membership changes it is anticipated that groups of members may wish to form additional branches. A process for this will be considered separately.

Model Branch Rules for the various employers/groups of employers have now been agreed by the JEC and are available on the website (please log in before clicking on link) here.

Lay member social media platforms
The following Executive agreement was first circulated to local officers in the spring term. Engagement and debate amongst Union members on all aspects of education/workplace policies, led by a NUT activist base, is vital to the lifeblood of the Union. It is important, however, that members are aware that the Facebook page is not a national forum and is not administered by staff. The Executive has agreed that moderators of unofficial NEU Facebook groups should include unofficial in their title and have a pinned post saying (please log into Facebook view the link):

“This is an unofficial group, which means it is moderated and run by volunteer activists and not the NEU. The NEU’s official Facebook page is www.facebook.com/nationaleducationunion. If you have a casework enquiry you should ring the AdviceLine on 020 3006 6266.”

Unofficial groups are also asked to remove NEU logos to help avoid confusion about their status.

Local officer strategy
The NUT local officer strategy is currently being reviewed by the Organising and Membership Committee with a view to providing a foundation for the strategy in the new union from January 2019. OMC is interested to hear the views of local officers on the document which may be found at https://www.teachers.org.uk/officers-resources/secretaries. Please send your comments either to your Executive member or to John Roberts in the Organising and Membership Department john.roberts@neu.org.uk

Email Safety & Security
There has been a marked increase in the number and complexity of attempts to ‘phish’ NEU email accounts and gain unauthorized access to NEU systems. Please read theinformation on spotting and avoiding phishing emails



SEND parent film
On Sunday a second film focusing on cuts to SEND funding will go live on the School Cuts Facebook page and will be emailed to all School Cuts supporters. The film – which features Michelle, mum of 9-year-old Charlie, talking about their experiences – will be shared with all NEU members on Wednesday 25 July. Please share and retweet the film when it is released – School Cuts has produced some sample tweets which you can use.

Thank you for all your help in building our petition on SEND cuts: it now has more than 17,000 signatures. Please continue sharing it.

National School Cuts Parental Summit: 15 September
Soon School Cuts supporters will receive an invitation to attend a national day of campaign planning and workshops on Saturday 15 September at Hamilton House. The aim of the event is to allow parents to develop local and national campaigning plans and to cement links between the NEU and School Cuts and parent groups. As with previous national lobbies and parent events, we hope that NUT section divisions and ATL section branches will support this activity, to ensure we get the best possible turnout, by sponsoring parent activists to travel to London. If your association can help, please let us know by clicking here and telling us your division/association/name.

Model letter for head teachers
In the most recent Headway e-newsletter to school leaders, NEU (NUT section) promoted a model letter for heads. The letter, which is available by clicking here, is designed to help heads to write to parents about how cuts are affecting their school and the impact an unfunded teacher pay rise would have. Please share this among heads in your area.


Recently all teacher unions wrote to Damian Hinds regarding the delay to the STRB announcement about the pay increase for teachers in September. This week a group of NEU activists gathered outside the DfE hoping to #AskDamian #WhereIsSTRB. ASCL, NAHT and NEU have written again today to Damian Hinds.

Sadly, at time of writing, teachers and heads alike are still in limbo as the report has yet to be released. Now London NEU activists have planned for a Fair Pay for Teachers: London Mobilising meeting, to discuss the ongoing pay and funding campaigns. It will take place at Methodist Central Hall, in Westminster, on September 13, from 6pm-8pm. You can register for free.

Success in East Sussex
As you may have read in the press, NEU members in East Sussex are celebrating after a series of strikes led to a win on pay.

A dispute was declared when the local council failed to recommend the agreed union pay rise for teachers (2%) across the main scale from September 2017, instead recommending 1% in the grades between the minimum and maximum. This decision left teachers in East Sussex being paid less than colleagues in neighbouring Brighton and Hove, and in most other areas of the country.

Following successful negotiations – and strike action at schools around the county – this decision has been reversed. This means that members on the disputed part of the pay scale (M2-M6a) in more than 150 schools in the county will get a backdated pay award in September for this academic year, as well as any new pay award.

Many congratulations to the NEU officers and members in East Sussex whose resolute determination to secure the pay rise has led to this success.

As you know, as a result of the NEU’s talks with Government, the DfE is poised to launch a Workload Reduction Toolkit, for school leaders to use to discuss with staff ways to cut down on unnecessary work and free up time for teaching. While we realise it will not be a silver bullet to “solve” workload overnight, we believe the toolkit offers NEU members opportunities to work together have a constructive dialogue with their head about tasks which DfE and Ofsted say are not required. We know unnecessary paperwork around marking, planning and data blights the lives of many teachers, limiting the time they have to plan and deliver exciting lessons, so it is vital we make the most of the opportunities the toolkit affords.

We believe release of the toolkit is imminent and that heads will be encouraged to discuss the issues with their staff early in the autumn term. Please encourage reps in your area to look out for this and follow our 3 steps to reducing workload:

  1. Meet with members to discuss the toolkit, focusing on the sections which are most relevant in their school;
  2. Identify together the causes of excessive workload, using DfE/Ofsted guidance on what tasks are not required and which school leaders should not ask for;
  3. Discuss with their head teacher ways in which workload can be reduced and ask for an all-staff INSET day focusing on the toolkit.

Campaigns review
The NEU campaigns team has produced a report detailing the union’s campaigning activity this academic year: you will shortly receive your copy. Thanks to all your hard work and dedication we have achieved a lot since September and are in a strong position to realise further gains on funding, workload, assessment and pay. We all appreciate the challenges we have to win fair funding for schools, to bring down teacher workload, to reform our broken assessment system and to get a good pay rise for teachers and support staff. The overarching aim of the NEU is to shape the future of education, for the benefit of school staff and pupils alike; together, we can do this.


Play for Cuba – Musical Instrument Appeal  
The Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Music Fund for Cuba, and the NEU-NUT Section are collecting instruments to support music education in Cuba. Music is hugely important in Cuba, but the US blockade has limited the availability of instruments and resources. You can help by donating new and used instruments to the appeal. Find out more at here.

Resources and opportunities available from the British Rohingya Community
The British Rohingya Community (BRC), members of which spoke powerfully to Conference this year, have offered NEU-NUT Section divisions, associations and regions the opportunity to have a speaker from the BRC attend a local NEU-NUT Section meeting. In addition, the BRC has prepared a mobile photographic exhibition about the situation in Myanmar which members, divisions, associations, regions and schools are invited to display. Please contact the BRC at britishrohingya@gmail.com for more information.


Retired Teachers’ Convention 2018, Tuesday 16 October
The annual NUT Section Retired Teachers’ Convention will take place NUT HQ in London. Divisions and Associations are encouraged to make funds available for retired members to participate. To book places and see the programme and book places click here.


Late on Friday last, a joint union letter was sent to Damian Hinds demanding the publication of both the STRB report (delivered to him in May) and the Government’s response to it. This ratcheted up the pressure, following a steady social media campaign. You can read the letter here and my accompanying TES blog here.  It was covered in reports by Press Association, TES, the BBC, Education Executive and Education Business.

We also commented on the regulation of private tutors, in the Times (£), Metro, the Independent and BBC News.

TES held a Facebook Live event on Wednesday where education professionals, including Mary Bousted, discussed the #LetThemTeach campaign. You can watch it here.

Please note that this is the last e-bulletin that will be sent out this term – the next bulletin will be sent out on Friday 7 September. If we do need to contact you in the interim on an urgent matter, we will do so via email.

Thank you for all that you do for the Union. The Union’s continued growth and building of strength could not happen without you. Have a good summer break.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

Joint General Secretary

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NEU urgent news update: 13th July 2018

July 13, 2018 | 18-023 E



Model Rules for Districts

To assist you with the discussions about your district rules, we have also provided Appendix C of the NEU Rules – model rules for local districts – in WORD format.   These can be accessed here.

Follow up from the Joint Secretaries’ Briefing
As promised at the JSB in Bristol, the following documents are now available on the NEU website:

  • Q&A from the final session of the Briefing
  • Example District and Branch agendas
  • Notes about local finances in the transition period
  • Pictorial representation of districts and branches in unitary authorities and county councils

Please log in to access all of the documents here.

The Union continues to roll out Data Protection training to Association Secretaries and all Officers handling members’ data.

If you have not received your e-mail with a link to the EngageInLearning on-line training, please report this by using this link.

To all Secretaries – if you have Casework Officers who need access to the data protection guidance on the website, please either e-mail these documents to these officers, and/or encourage them to register for access here

This link is on your login page on the website.

Local Websites Update
The new NEU website will be launched in January 2019.

NUT local websites hosted by Oxford Web Applications will be incorporated into the main NEU website – as it currently is on the ATL website.

Although the new local website pages will be part of the new NEU website, divisions/associations will be responsible for managing content on their pages.

We will create a working group of local officers who will contribute to the development of the pages, and in addition, we’ll be in touch with all district and branches well ahead of time, to explain what is happening and when, and to answer any questions about moving content, training etc. If you are interested in being part of the working group, please email us at localwebsites@neu.org.uk.



This week the Institute for Fiscal Studies published a report showing per-pupil funding has fallen by 8% since 2010, mirroring what teachers have seen happening in schools. The report backs up the arguments that the NEU and School Cuts have been publicising for months and that Government ministers have been attempting to deny. It also showed sixth form spending has declined by 25% and funding for additional services for schools through local authorities has reduced by 55%. School Cuts released a film on Facebook and Twitter, drawing attention to the Government’s contradiction and highlighting the ongoing crisis. Please share this widely.

The campaign for more funding for SEND has also been continuing to grow – a School Cuts video of NEU member and mum Emma Parker has now been viewed 110,000 times and a petition to Damian Hinds calling for an increase in cash for SEND has reached 16,000 signatures. Please continue to share.

Despite us now being only one week from the end of term in most parts of the country, Education Secretary Damian Hinds has still not released this year’s STRB report on teacher pay. This is totally unacceptable; schools cannot plan for September without knowing what pay rise is recommended and – crucially – whether it will be funded with additional money from Whitehall. Today Mary and I have written to the Secretary of State, jointly with the general secretaries of ASCL, NAHT, UCAC and Voice, reiterating our 5% pay claim, with the requirement for this to be fully-funded, and calling for an announcement without further delay.

There has also been a great deal of traffic on this topic on social media this week, designed to put pressure on the DfE to release this important information. Colleagues have been using the hashtags #AskDamian #WhereisSTRB.  Please continue to tweet and post – linking to the “countdown clock” on the NEU website to keep the pressure on.

This year’s SATs results were released this week, showing that 1/3 of pupils failed to meet the “expected standard”. This is a disgraceful way to rank pupils as they finish primary school and begin secondary school. An NEU survey of primary teachers revealed – sadly unsurprisingly – that 90% feel the SATs-based primary assessment system is detrimental to children’s well-being, with 88% saying they do not benefit children’s learning. To coincide with the SATs scores, the More Than A Score (MTAS) coalition released the results of a poll of pupils, which revealed that 44% of children would be worried to sit SATs, underlining a previous survey showing 63% of parents think SATs put too much pressure on kids. The poll also showed that a significant number of children think their individual SATs performance will directly impact their adult life, with almost one in four (23%) believing their results will help them to find a job in the future. It is clear the assessment regime has no credibility among teachers, parents or pupils. MTAS is campaigning for reform of this high-stakes system which puts so much pressure on pupils and teachers. Sign up to support the campaign.

Ahead of the relaunch of our workload campaign in September, we are contacting in-service members to ask what the main cause of workload is in their school. We want to build a picture of the spread of workload issues around the country and gauge what impact previous Government and Ofsted advice has had in reducing workload. Anecdotally we believe school leaders continue to ask teachers to complete tasks which Ofsted and the DfE have said are not required. But we want to gather as much evidence as we can both to take into our talks with Government ministers and to ensure we’re providing members with the resources they need to address workload issues in their schools. Please encourage members in your area to respond to the emails and help us to tackle workload. As part of the campaign, we are also looking to profile NEU school groups which have achieved wins on workload within their school, however big or small. If you have any examples please send them to campaigns@neu.org.uk


Please find below details of forthcoming action*. You are encouraged to send messages of solidarity to the email addresses below:

Action Date Contact
Springfield Primary School/Birmingham (Restructure) Tuesday 17 July
Wednesday 18 July Thursday 19 July
David Room


St Luke’s Church of England Primary School/Lambeth Wednesday 18 July Sara Tomlinson


* Details of strike dates are correct at the time of writing so will not include any details of suspended action received after that time.


From Windrush to Trump: Understanding Racism in the UK – a Briefing Paper
We’ve published a Briefing which outlines why Trump’s visit to the UK is one point in the continuum of racism here and abroad. It covers key points in history relevant to understanding the threads of racist abuse, attacks, hostile language and behaviour that black people have experienced; and the connections between historical and contemporary racism.

Please share with members and use it all or parts of it on social media, discussions or in the classroom

To see the briefing please click here

Privatisation Update
A raft of new reports have been released showing that the academies programme is not only failing to deliver on its promises, but is also increasing inequality in the school system and negatively impacting on councils’ ability to fulfil their duties to children and young people. Read the latest edition of Privatisation Update for news on these and other stories relating to academies, free schools, and privatisation.


Could you volunteer in the West Bank?
The Al-Tafawk Centre in Jenin, Palestine is desperately seeking volunteer teachers to teach English through play. Just a few weeks of your time can be life changing for these students who are growing up in extremely difficult surroundings. All volunteers receive accommodation and their main meal free of charge (you will need to cover some meals, taxis and airfare). For more information, please email al.tafawk.center.jenin.camp@gmail.com.

Advance Notice – International Solidarity Activist Conference: Saturday, 24 November 2018, NEU (NUT Section), Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD
Members are invited to save the date for the International Solidarity Activist Conference that will feature speakers and workshops. More information will be shared in due course.

Support The Gambia Sanitary Protection Campaign
The cost of sanitary towels and tampons in The Gambia, together with the lack of school facilities for hygienic disposal of used items, means that many girls will miss school during “that time of the month”. It is estimated that girls in The Gambia without access to sanitary products will miss 48 days of schooling every year. The Steve Sinnott Foundation is fundraising to help level the playing field by teaching girls and teachers how to make safe, re-usable pads using locally sourced materials. Click here to find out how you can support the appeal, and see a video update on the campaign here.


Unity protest against Tommy Robinson, Trump and the far-right: Saturday 14 July 2018 – Assemble between 1pm and 2 pm at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

You can also find more information on Facebook.

The President, Kiri Tunks, will be speaking at this event and it will be important to demonstrate our opposition to racism and speak up against those who are seeking to divide our communities. You will be aware of the frighteningly well supported Democratic Football Fans Alliance (DFFA) demonstration in early June that attracted an estimated 10 to 15k supporters. The central rallying cry was a hostility to muslims but the demonstration had attracted a wide range of supporters from the fascist right (EDL), Gerald Batton of UKIP, Kurt Wilders, and also a wider group mobilised by the arrest of Tommy Robinson for breaking reporting restrictions and promoting this as a crackdown on free speech. We know that members will wish to join this demonstration and we would encourage them to do so in groups – members do need to be aware that the DFFA tactics can be, frankly, thuggish and it would be irresponsible if we did not prepare members for this.NEU Disabled Teachers Conference: Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 October 2018, Oxford Belfry Hotel, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2JW.

Please promote this conference as widely as possible across your individual division/association and encourage reps to approach members in their schools to apply.

The theme will be “This is What a Disabled Teacher Looks Like”, celebrating the diversity of our disabled members and organising against the discrimination they face. We’ll be covering an exciting and immersive range of topics, from a presentation on Autism to workshops for deaf and deafened teachers. All self-defining disabled members are eligible to apply.

Cost of conference per delegate is £285 for full delegates and £75 for day delegates. The fee is usually paid by the Division/Association if they agree to nominate the member.  Closing date for receipt of agreed application is 30 September 2018. Early application and Division/Association authorisation is recommended as there are limited places.


Our aforementioned survey of primary teachers on SATs was reported in the Sun, Press Association, the Independent, Education Business, Schools Week and TES.

Key Stage 2 SATs results were issued on Tuesday. We reacted here and it was quoted by EdExec, the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, the Independent and Daily Telegraph.

Amanda Spielman made a speech on Monday evening in which she urged school leaders to resist pressure from minority groups with “a sense of religious or cultural entitlement”, seeking to influence school policy. Mary told the Guardian the speech “did nothing to help schools develop a culturally inclusive curriculum.”

Sneaking under the radar on Thursday was the news that Capita had been awarded the £109m contract for the administration of primary school tests. Read our full comment here, which was quoted in TES.

I tweeted yesterday about the ‘disgraceful child abuse’ that 34% of 11 year olds have been sent letters saying they have not reached an ‘expected standard’ set by politicians. My tweet has now been liked over 1,700 times, including by the Shadow Chancellor. I have had very many messages and offers of support in response to my tweet.

And finally, congratulations to colleagues at our membership magazine The Teacher for its win at the TUC Communications Awards. It was one of four awards in recognition of NEU comms work. Please support The Teacher’s new Twitter feed by retweeting them here.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

Joint General Secretary

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NEU latest news : Urgent update on all issues and campaigns + First National Conference 2019

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NEU News: 29th June 2018

June 29, 2018 | 18-021 E



NEU elections – Treasurer/Membership & Equalities Officer and National Disciplinary /National Appeals Committee
As you may know, the elections for NEU Treasurer and Membership & Equality Officer and the NDC/NAC have now opened. All eligible members (all bar student and retired members) have been sent voting papers for return by midday on 11 July. We have set up an election hotline – 020 7380 4825 – which will operate until 5 July which will be the last possible date to send out duplicate papers.

A text message will be sent to all members in the election cohort on Sunday at 2pm encouraging members to vote in the elections and to call the hotline if they don’t receive a voting paper. The text message will have an ‘opt out’ facility and all members who have previously advised us that they wish to opt out of such messages will not receive the text. If you get any complaints from members, just email their contact details to rachel.baxter@neu.org.uk and she will get in touch with them.

If you have any queries about the election process, please email rachel.baxter@neu.org.uk or judith.hearn@neu.org.uk.


Off the back of the letter signed by 39 councils to urgently fund SEND, the School Cuts coalition launched a petition on cuts to SEND. This petition has now reached over 10k signatures, in less than a week.

Thank you for all your support, please continue to share with reps and members in your area.

DfE school workforce census
Data revealed by the DfE shows that pupil numbers have gone up by 137,000 but teacher numbers have gone down by 5,500.  The number of staff in schools overall has declined 11,000 since last year’s census. As the data is analysed further we will post updates.

London Councillors briefing – 3 July
On 3 July I will be joining, Kiri Tunks, Martin Powell-Davies and over 80 London Councillors to discuss school funding and what councils can do to help us in this campaign.

We are in the process of looking to develop an NEU Councillor Network. If you know of Councillors that would be interested in signing up to hear more from us, they can sign up here.

If you would be interested in a Councillor event in your area, please get in touch via cllrs@neu.org.uk

Ahead of the relaunch of our workload campaign in September, this weekend we will be contacting in-service members to ask what the main cause of workload is in their school. We want to build a picture of the spread of workload issues around the country and gauge what impact previous Government and Ofsted advice has had in reducing workload. Anecdotally we believe school leaders continue to ask teachers to complete tasks which Ofsted and the DfE have said are not required. But we want to gather as much evidence as we can, both to take into our talks with Government ministers and to ensure we’re providing members with the resources they need to address workload issues in their schools. Please encourage members in your area to respond to the emails and help us to tackle workload. As part of the campaign, we are also looking to profile NEU school groups which have achieved wins on workload within their school, however big or small. If you have any examples please send them to campaigns@neu.org.uk


Please find below details of forthcoming action. You are encouraged to send messages of solidarity to the email addresses below:

Action Date Contact
Springfield Primary School/Birmingham (Restructure) Tuesday 3 July Wednesday 4 July Thursday 5 July DAVID.ROOM@neu.org.uk
St Giles School/Nottinghamshire (Terms & Conditions) Tuesday 3 July Wednesday 4 July Jane.Crich@neu.org.uk
The John Roan School/Greenwich (Transfer of Employer) Tuesday 3 July
Thursday 5 July
Baxter College/Worcestershire (Restructure) Tuesday 3 July Sean.McCauley@neu.org.uk
Langdon Park/Tower Hamlets (Restructure) Tuesday 3 July Wednesday 4 July Thursday 5 July Alex.Kenny@neu.org.uk

*please note that last week’s action update included a number of strike days that had been suspended as follows: the action scheduled for Wednesday 27 June in Baxter College/Worcestershire and St Giles School/Nottinghamshire and Hall Green Infants & Nursery School/Birmingham on 26, 27, 28 June. These suspensions occurred after the e-Bulletin had been circulated. Details of strike dates are correct at the time of writing (12 noon on Fridays) so will not include any details of suspended action received after that time.


Resources and advice on grammar school expansion plans
The Union has updated its webpage on grammar schools and the Government’s latest plans to expand selective education. Resources include a new advice note to update Divisions and Associations on the plans and the Union’s response. Our grammar school Edufact has also been updated.

“Ofsted reports can’t bear the weight being placed on them”
The fact that a single one-off inspection visit of a few hours can bring about a permanent change to the control of a school through academisation is one of the most bizarre and draconian features of our accountability system. In his latest blog Warwick Mansell shines a light on the inconsistencies and lack of accountability at the heart of Ofsted’s approach to inspection and asks whether it’s time for the inspectorate to show a bit more humility.

Primary practitioners needed: Gender Equality Pilot, Summer work
Please could you send out the following request to primary members in your area who might be interested in taking part in this exciting project:

Lifting Limits is a social enterprise with a mission to challenge gender stereotyping and promote gender equality, in and through education.  We are looking for experienced primary teachers with a passion for gender equality, good subject knowledge across the curriculum and availability to undertake a few days’ paid work in July/early August to create resources for our pilot. Our approach is whole school and evidence-based, supporting schools to promote gender equality through ethos, routines and curriculum and giving staff and pupils the confidence and tools to challenge gender stereotyping wherever they encounter it. We are in the early stages of a pilot which will run throughout the 2018-19 school year and will be externally evaluated, involving inset presentations, pupil and parent workshops and a wide range of resources for use in school.

We are looking for experienced teachers, ideally subject leads and with a minimum 4 years’ experience in maintained primaries to develop lesson plans across the primary curriculum in the following subjects: maths, literacy, PSHE, geography, history, art and design, computing, design and technology, music, PE and MFL. We are also looking for an experienced EYFS practitioner.  We anticipate around 3 days’ work in each subject at a rate of £175 per day.

If you are qualified and interested in being part of this exciting venture, please send your CV to info@liftinglimits.org.uk by 6th July.


Play for Cuba – Musical Instrument Appeal  
The Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Music Fund for Cuba, and the NEU-NUT Section are collecting instruments to support music education in Cuba. Music is hugely important in Cuba, but the US blockade has limited the availability of instruments and resources. You can help by donating new and used instruments to the appeal. Find out more at here.

Amnesty International human rights education toolkit on US family separation
Amnesty International have developed a global action asking children and teenagers across the world to send messages of solidarity to the children who have been separated from their families in the United States. The resource is for teachers and will help students in schools understand better what is happening with the US immigration policy of detaining and separating children from asylum-seeking families, and invites classes to take positive action through messages of solidarity. Download the toolkit for schools here.

Acts of Courage: Remembering Srebrenica Memorial Week 2018
Members are strongly encouraged to involve their school this July. Suggested activities could include:

  1. Delivering a commemoration assembly or form time workshop to mark Srebrenica Memorial Day. Free downloadable resources are available here.
  2. Listening to Rešad Trbonja’s remarkable testimony of surviving the Siege of Sarajevo on the 11th July by tuning in to the special survivor live stream. Register here.
  3. Dedicating a football match to the victims of the Srebrenica genocide and join thousands of young people across the UK, playing football and tackling hatred and intolerance together as part of the WE ARE ONE initiative. Click here for details.

You can also join the Union in commemorating the anniversary by:

  1. Contributing to our Acts of Courage board
  2. Attending our screening of two short films from the ‘Ordinary Heroes’ series at Hamilton House on Thursday, 12 July. These films document the stories of Bosnian citizens who showed extraordinary courage at a time when their country was committing acts of genocide. Register here.


Retired Teachers’ Convention 2018 – Tuesday 16 October
The annual NUT Section Retired Teachers’ Convention will be held at NUT Section HQ in London and gives retired members an opportunity to meet and discuss a range of topics including how to continue to participate in Union campaigns. To book please visit our website.

Sir Michael Wilshaw’s speech to the Festival of Education focusing on discipline in schools and the use of mobile phones was widely covered. We gave our comment on the former Ofsted inspectors’ toxic influence on schools while in his post.

SecEd covered our campaign for increased SEND funding. Our joint union report on PSHE education being a compulsory subject taught in all schools was also covered again in Education Today

BBC radio 4 ran a programme on Michael Gove – questioning whether he has been the most effective minister. No need to guess our response but do read the link to the full story.

Our survey on the difficulties FE colleges and teachers face was written up in the TES and FE News. The NEU also gave evidence at the Public Accounts Committee on Ofsted which was reported in Schools Week and finally after the spell of hot weather our advice and my comments on temperatures in classrooms was covered in the Mail.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

Joint General Secretary

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Supply Teachers’ News: Urgent Update

Supply News July  2018

Marilyn Stevens  –   Supply Teacher Officer for Surrey and member of the National Organising Forum for Supply Teachers


1.There is a new NEU charter for supply teachers-this can be found on the link https://www.teachers.org.uk/members-reps/supply-teachers Please send your thoughts on it to supply@neu.org.uk. As this seems to be already drafted and printed, it is important that as many of you as possible see it and comment on it.


2.Supply Teacher Conference June 2018

I attended the conference on Saturday 23rd with about 70 others at Warwick University. The main speaker was Kevin Courtney., the joint General Secretary of the NEU. The conference was organised by the National Organising Forum for supply teachers(NOF.)He stated that if supply teachers are treated badly, then all teachers would lose out. If we let it be established that supply teachers be paid at lesser rates then it could happen to other groups of teachers too.

He talked about privatisation-supply teachers are the first group of teachers to be privatised. Supply agencies are not efficient-it is getting you to work for less.

Things we can do-these are ideas and information that came from the conference:

Write a letter to the press to flag up the daily efforts involved in supply teaching.

Investigate the fact that agencies are recruiting NQTs straight from college and take a finder’s fee from school if they become permanently employed.(See DFE Procurement Framework below)

Push for a National Supply Pool to enable supply teachers to be paid to scale and with a Teachers’ pension.(This was discussed at the annual conference.)

Support your Supply Teacher Officer and National Organising Forum officer- Marilyn Stevens-feel free to contact me about any supply issues-surreysupply1@gmail.com

Join the Supply Teachers Network-Send an email to the Secretary, Peter Sagar and he will add your name to the mailing list- peter0462@gmail.com OR

On Facebook-Fairdeal for Supply Teachers .


3.There is an area on the NUT and NEU website which has a great deal of information for supply teachers. There are also all the results of the supply teacher survey 2018 here as well and a toolkit for supply teachers too.  https://www.teachers.org.uk/members-reps/supply-teachers


4.The DFE have produced a”procurement framework” for England. It was published in May and will start in September. Its main precepts are: agencies will be accredited to provide teachers or to organise supply services to local authorities or multi academy trusts. However, it is non-mandatory yet. It doesn’t offer a minimum rate. There are 500 supply agencies and they can take part in 3 categories.

The aim of the framework is to make agencies disclose their cut of the charges made to schools-Finder’s fees will be restricted or removed and hopefully those agencies taking the highest cuts will be removed. It sounds good-keep an eye on this legislation to see its effect day to day.

5. Please take time to support by attending (it is short notice) or giving some time to investigating, by watching any media on the day ,the plight of the supply teachers in Wales.

You can download poster from here:-

Marilyn Stevens1

Marilyn Stevens 2

Marilyn Stevens 3


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