Supply Teachers’ News: Urgent Update

Supply News July  2018

Marilyn Stevens  –   Supply Teacher Officer for Surrey and member of the National Organising Forum for Supply Teachers


1.There is a new NEU charter for supply teachers-this can be found on the link Please send your thoughts on it to As this seems to be already drafted and printed, it is important that as many of you as possible see it and comment on it.


2.Supply Teacher Conference June 2018

I attended the conference on Saturday 23rd with about 70 others at Warwick University. The main speaker was Kevin Courtney., the joint General Secretary of the NEU. The conference was organised by the National Organising Forum for supply teachers(NOF.)He stated that if supply teachers are treated badly, then all teachers would lose out. If we let it be established that supply teachers be paid at lesser rates then it could happen to other groups of teachers too.

He talked about privatisation-supply teachers are the first group of teachers to be privatised. Supply agencies are not efficient-it is getting you to work for less.

Things we can do-these are ideas and information that came from the conference:

Write a letter to the press to flag up the daily efforts involved in supply teaching.

Investigate the fact that agencies are recruiting NQTs straight from college and take a finder’s fee from school if they become permanently employed.(See DFE Procurement Framework below)

Push for a National Supply Pool to enable supply teachers to be paid to scale and with a Teachers’ pension.(This was discussed at the annual conference.)

Support your Supply Teacher Officer and National Organising Forum officer- Marilyn Stevens-feel free to contact me about any supply

Join the Supply Teachers Network-Send an email to the Secretary, Peter Sagar and he will add your name to the mailing list- OR

On Facebook-Fairdeal for Supply Teachers .


3.There is an area on the NUT and NEU website which has a great deal of information for supply teachers. There are also all the results of the supply teacher survey 2018 here as well and a toolkit for supply teachers too.


4.The DFE have produced a”procurement framework” for England. It was published in May and will start in September. Its main precepts are: agencies will be accredited to provide teachers or to organise supply services to local authorities or multi academy trusts. However, it is non-mandatory yet. It doesn’t offer a minimum rate. There are 500 supply agencies and they can take part in 3 categories.

The aim of the framework is to make agencies disclose their cut of the charges made to schools-Finder’s fees will be restricted or removed and hopefully those agencies taking the highest cuts will be removed. It sounds good-keep an eye on this legislation to see its effect day to day.

5. Please take time to support by attending (it is short notice) or giving some time to investigating, by watching any media on the day ,the plight of the supply teachers in Wales.

You can download poster from here:-

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