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November 02, 2018 | 18-033E



Hands Up, Because Enough’s Enough – Simultaneous members consultation to begin soon

In his Budget this week, Chancellor Philip Hammond comprehensively failed the 6 tests we set for him on school funding.

The £400m in capital funding for schools to pay for the “little extras they need” was a derisory gesture from a Government hopelessly out of touch with the reality in our schools. It is a drop in the ocean compared to the £2.5bn lost from school budgets since 2015 and all the signs suggest the cuts will continue.

Enough is enough.

We are working closely with colleagues from ASCL and NAHT to ramp up our campaign for proper funding for our schools and colleges. We have agreed that our 3 unions will simultaneously consult all our members – in the NEU through an indicative ballot – on what steps heads and teachers in schools and sixth form colleges are prepared to take to convince this Government to change course.

We plan to start this consultation in the week ending 16 November, so we need you, our experienced local officers, to help get the message out to members and reps in your area and encourage the biggest possible turnout.

Colleagues in regional offices will be running briefings for local officers – please contact your regional office if you don’t already have details. Materials will then be available for you to host rep briefings in your association: we would urge you to book these now if you haven’t already done so, or turn your next association meeting into a briefing. We will shortly be mailing out further details, including indicative ballot FAQs. In the meantime please visit neu.org.uk/hands-up for updates.

A press release will appear here at 0001hrs Monday, announcing the simultaneous surveying of members in ASCL, NAHT and NEU on next steps for the campaign.  The germane information is covered in the paragraphs above, and is again subject to the embargo of 0001 Monday to ensure impact in the press.

We have a huge opportunity to unite as a profession to fight for the funding our schools need. But to do this we must secure a strong turnout and yes vote which will send a clear message to Government. Thank you in advance for your support.


District Rules

Once you have agreed your draft District Rules, please send them to JECAdmin@neu.org.uk. Thanks to those of you who have already done so.

NEU Leadership – School leaders and college managers within the NEU

The NEU leadership section ‘NEU Leadership’ will retain members in the Union as they progress into leadership and management roles in schools and colleges. NUT members in leadership posts and current AMiE members will transfer to the NEU leadership section on 1 January 2019. For NUT members this will mean an increase in their annual subscription. The Union will be contacting this group of members separately to inform them of this change. The Union’s subscription rates are available here.

Membership of NEU Leadership will apply to those who are:

·       Headteacher/Principal

·       Deputy Headteacher/Vice Principal

·       Head of Centre/School/College (Post 16)

·       Assistant Headteacher/Assistant Principal

·       CEO/Executive Head/Leader of MAT

·       Director/Assistant Director of Education

·       Business Manager/Bursar/FE Manager/FE Finance Manager

For details of the NEU leadership offer please read more here. [please log in before clicking on the link].


Please find below details of forthcoming action*. You are encouraged to send messages of solidarity to the email addresses below:

Action Date Contact
The John Roan School / Greenwich

(Transfer of employer)

Wednesday 7 November tim.woodcock@neu.org.uk
Langdale Free School / Blackpool Wednesday 7 November amanda.baines@neu.org.uk

* Details of strike dates are correct at the time of writing so will not include any details of suspended action received after that time.


Refugee Week 2019

Please include the following in your bulletins/newsletters to members/reps.

Has your school put Refugee Week into the calendar for 2018/19 yet? It takes place from 17-23 June next year and the NEU is once again the only education union supporting it. We are planning some exciting activities for schools to get involved in and resources they can use. More information to follow in the new year.

Blair Peach Award – 2019

Do you know a Union member who is making a positive difference to equality and diversity in their school or Union branch in your area? Why not nominate them for the prestigious Blair Peach Award? Download a nomination form here or email equality@neu.org.uk . The closing date for nominations is 18 December 2018.


Latest edition of Global Matters now available

The newest edition of Global Matters is now available on the NEU-NUT Section website. This edition includes stories about Cuba, Palestine, Iran and the US, as well as opportunities for you to take action in defence of human and trade union rights across the globe. Updates on the Send My Friend to School Campaign, communications, events and trainings are all included as well. Download the publication here.


Latin America 2018 – Adelante!

9.15-18.00, 1 December 2018
Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell St, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3LW

The Trump Presidency has overseen a worrying rise in US interventions in Latin America, with the blockade of Cuba being tightened, sanctions threatened on Nicaragua, and Trump pushing for military intervention in Venezuela. But the resurgent right-wing in Latin America is facing resistance, with the Left winning the Mexican election, and trade unionists and popular movements mobilising to defend social progress across the region. Come along to hear eyewitness accounts and get involved in standing up to Trump’s interventions in Latin America. Click here to register.


The week was dominated by the Chancellor’s Budget speech. His crass remarks about granting £400m to schools for “little extras” met with anger and ridicule, made worse the following day with his claim that it had been a “nice gesture” to do so. The NEU was quoted widely, including the Daily Mirror, Schools Week, Politics Home, Education Executive, Public Finance, LBC, Huffington Post, TES, the Times, Children & Young People Now, and the Guardian. Our full comment is here.

Too late for last week’s bulletin was Mary’s appearance on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, where she discussed bursaries. This was off the back of a story which showed the numbers of trainees who do not go on to teaching jobs. You can listen to the interview here for a week.

There was further reporting this week of the Raise the Rate campaign for sixth form funding (Education Executive), and we contributed to a TES story about behaviour management, as well as responding to the new IFS report which shows how the gap between rich and poor in education has shifted in recent years (Schools Week, the Independent, and Press Association – our full comment is here).

Mary’s latest blog for TES dealt with SEND issues. Please read and share.

Yours sincerely

Kevin CourtneyJoint General Secretary


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